Bulgaria’s Top Exports and Imports 2022

Located in southeastern Europe, this is one of the most developing and fast-growing countries in the world. It shares its coastline with the black sea and is home to a variety of manufacturing industries and companies. Due to the good connectivity and transport system, this country has seen high growth in its economy and has attracted more companies to set up their units there. Bulgaria has one of the busiest airports in the world that handles huge air traffic from various parts of the world including passenger and cargo flights.

The Bulgarian trade has expanded and flourished in recent years. In the year 2019, the country earned a lucrative profit of $34.5 billion and $37.9 billion from its exports and imports, respectively. This has provided great opportunities for foreign trade expansion and has also helped to establish good friendly relations with the neighboring foreign countries. The employment opportunities have also increased and have provided a scope for the people to grow and expand in Bulgaria. The revenue generated from the per capita product exports and imports were 4.95k and 5.43k USD, respectively.

Bulgaria’s Top 10 Export Countries

Bulgaria exports its finished products to the biggest nations in the world via Air and sea transport.

Germany holds the first position in the list with 14.7 percent of the total exports with a total value of 4.93 billion USD.

Next, we have Romania, which holds a total of 8.69 percent and a value of 2.9 billion USD.

Italy, Turkey, and Greece are also included with 7.31, 7.26, 6.71 percent of the total export. France, Belgium, and China are also included in the list with a value of 1.26 billion, 952 million, and 922 million, respectively. Bulgaria also exports its products to Spain and the Netherlands that are also included in the top 10 export countries list of Bulgaria. Most of these countries have well-connected air and seaways networks that help in the proper export of goods from time to time from Bulgaria.

Sl. No.CountryPercentageValue (USD)
1Germany14.7%4.93 billion
2Romania8.69%2.9 billion
3Italy7.31%2.44 billion
4Turkey7.26%2.43 billion
5Greece6.71%2.24 billion
6France3.77%1.26 billion
7Belgium2.84%952 million
8China2.75%922 million
9Spain2.71%909 million
10Netherlands2.53%846 million

Bulgaria’s Top 10 Export Goods

Bulgaria exports a variety of products to foreign countries that are in high demand and are of premium quality. Electrical machinery is exported in bulk quantities that hold for 10.8 percent of the total export of Bulgarian goods with a value worth $3,666,994,800 (approx).

Next, oil and mineral fuels are also exported in large quantities that hold for 9.53% of the total export. Industry machinery and copper are also exported from Bulgaria and are made of premium quality.

Motor Vehicle Parts and peripherals are also exported with a total value of $1,157,325,444. When it comes to food, cereals are exported in massive quantities that hold about 4.52 percent of the total Bulgarian exports. Plastics, ores, and non-knit apparel are also included as top exported products in Bulgaria’s export list.

Sl. No.Export ProductPercentageValue (USD)
1Electrical Machinery10.8%$3,666,994,778
2Oil & Mineral Fuels9.53%$3,184,025,469
3Industrial Machinery8.17%$2,794,274,060
6Motor Vehicles & Parts3.46%$1,157,325,444
10Apparel: Non Knit2.48%$832,076,676

Bulgaria’s Top 10 Import Countries

Bulgaria imports a variety of products in bulk quantities that are required for the manufacturing of certain goods. These goods are imported via the air and the seaways as the countries are well connected to foreign countries.

Germany ranks at the top with 12 percent of the total imports that consists of a value worth 4.53 billion USD.

Next comes Russia and Italy that consists of 9.87 percent and 7.43 percent of the total import.

Romania, Turkey, and Greece are also included in the list with a value of 2.69 billion, 2.46 billion, and 1.74 billion USD. Not only that, China, Spain, Netherlands, and Hungary are also included in Bulgaria’s import countries list. These countries have helped to manufacture goods and products in massive quantities which are used by the Bulgarian people and few of them exported to different parts of the world.

  • Germany: 12%, 4.53 billion USD
  • Russia: 9.87%, 3.72 billion USD
  • Italy: 7.43%, 2.8 billion USD
  • Romania: 7.14%, 2.69 billion USD
  • Turkey: 6.51%, 2.46 billion USD
  • Greece: 5.8%, 1.73 billion USD
  • China: 4.51%, 1.7 billion USD
  • Spain: 3.75%, 1.41 billion USD
  • Netherlands: 3.57%, 1.35 billion USD
  • Hungary: 3.53%, 1.33 billion USD

Bulgaria’s Top 10 Import Goods

Bulgaria imports raw materials and goods from its neighboring countries.

Oils and mineral fuels required by the industries are imported on a large scale that holds about 13.8 percent of the total Bulgarian imported goods.

Next electrical Machinery is imported from the foreign countries with a total value of 3.65 billion USD. Industry machinery, motor vehicles, and parts are also imported that hold value worth 3.49 billion USD and 2.58 billion USD, respectively. Plastic, Pharma products, ores, and iron and steel material are also imported in significant quantities and are included in the list of top import goods of Bulgaria. These products are of superior quality and last for a long time

  • Oil & Mineral Fuels: 13.8% (5.23 billion US$)
  • Electrical Machinery: 9.66% (3.65 billion US$)
  • Industrial Machinery: 9.24% (3.49 billion US$)
  • Motor Vehicles & Parts: 6.83% (2.58 billion US$)
  • Plastics: 4.43% (1.67 billion US$)
  • Pharmaceuticals: 4.14% (1.56 billion US$)
  • Ores: 4.55% (1.72 billion US$)
  • Iron & Steel: 3.58% (1.35 billion US$)

Here is an infographic that explains the total goods export form Belgium and to which country, feel free to share it on social sites.

Bulgaria Exports Goods Countries Infographic


  • Revenue of Product Exports in 2019: $34.5 billion
  • Revenue of Product Imports in 2019: $37.9 billion


  • $67.859 billion: Nominal, 2021 est.
  • $164 billion: PPP, 2019 est.

Per Capita

  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Exports in 2019: $4.95k
  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Imports in 2019: $5.43k
  • GDP per capita in 2020: 9,764 USD

Service Export & Import

  • Revenue of Service Exports in 2017: $8.33 billion
  • Revenue of Service Imports in 2017: $5.07 billion

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