Malaysia’s Top Exports and Imports 2022

Malaysia is one of the leading countries in the world that has highly developed in terms of economy and infrastructure over the last few years. The latest data shows that the exports from Malaysia increased by nearly 47% in May 2021.  Whereas there were nearly 63% more exports in April …

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Estonia’s Top 10 Exports & Imports 2022

Estonia exports and imports data infographic

Estonia shares its borders with the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea and is one of the most developed and beautiful locations in the world. Due to its unique location and well connectivity, it is home to people of various parts of the world of different cultural backgrounds. Due …

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Denmark Exports and Imports 2022

Denmark top export goods countries

Denmark is one of the leading Scandinavian countries which is situated in Northern Europe. The neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway and it is bordered to the south by Germany. As it shares boundaries with some of the largest economies, its own economy has flourished admirably and its GDP is considered …

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Bulgaria’s Top Exports and Imports 2022

Bulgaria Exports Goods Countries Infographic

Located in southeastern Europe, this is one of the most developing and fast-growing countries in the world. It shares its coastline with the black sea and is home to a variety of manufacturing industries and companies. Due to the good connectivity and transport system, this country has seen high growth …

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Portugal’s Top 10 Exports and Imports

Top exports Portugal product list

Portugal is a member of the United Nations and is recognized as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Due to this, it has established a good network of routes of seaways via which goods and products are imported and exported to various parts of the world in bulk …

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Vietnam’s Top Exports and Imports

Vietnam import export infographic data

Vietnam is an Asian country located on the Indochinese peninsula that is subdivided into 58 provinces. It is one of the fast-growing and developed cities in Asia that is well connected by road, air, and the seaways. This has led to the development of new industrial towns in this area …

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Germany’s Top Exports and Import

Germany top 10 export products countries

List of top import and exports of Germany: It is the world’s fourth-largest economy and third-largest exporter. It has a positive trade balance of $305 billion with its exports standing at $1.5 trillion and imports standing at $1.2 trillion. The latest figures available for Germany show that as much as …

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Italy Top 10 Exports and Imports 2022

The biggest exports of Italy are machinery and mechanical items that are nearly 18% of total exports, whereas the biggest imports countries Germany with nearly 12%. Here you can find out which are the top Itlay’s products that are exported to other countries. Italy is one of the fast-growing countries …

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Kenya Top 10 Exports and Imports Goods

The export products of Kenya are increasing in 2022 after the recent situation. Kenya shares its coastline with the Indian ocean and is one of the prominent countries in Eastern Africa. It is one of the most populous countries in Africa and is home to a wide range of plantations …

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Japan’s Top 10 Exports & Import

Japan is one of the leading countries that have the highest number of imports and exports due to its unique location. As it is surrounded by seas on all sides, the major form of bulk transportation occurs with the help of seaways. It is well connected to neighboring countries like …

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