Denmark Exports and Imports 2022

Denmark is one of the leading Scandinavian countries which is situated in Northern Europe. The neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway and it is bordered to the south by Germany. As it shares boundaries with some of the largest economies, its own economy has flourished admirably and its GDP is considered among the largest GDPs in the world.

It is a small country that consists of several islands and supports an open trade policy. As a result, it welcomes both imports and exports from other countries liberally. Geographically, it is surrounded by the North Atlantic sea and most of the import and export take place overseas.

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Denmark top export goods countries

Denmark’s Top 10 Export Countries

Most of the lands of Denmark are fertile. Farming is done using modern technologies. As a result, it produces huge crops every year and there are a lot of dairy farms that produce a huge amount of meat and dairy products at a reasonable cost. Countries from special categories import the Danish products the most with a value worth 21 billion USD.

Denmark estimated Export reaches 10.5 billion USD in March 2021.

Then comes Germany with a percentage of 12.5% and a value worth of 13.4 billion.

Again other Scandanavians sisters like Sweden, Netherlands, and Norway come in the list as top exporters with values worth 9.27 billion, 6.19 billion, and 6.16 billion respectively. Countries like the UK, the USA, China are also importers of Danish products. Poland and France’s export values are 3.69 and 3.09 billion USD respectively.

Top Export Countries List

Sl. No.Export CountriesPercentageValue (USD)
1Special Categories20%21 billion
2Germany12.5%13.4 billion
3Sweden8.66%9.27 billion
4Netherlands5.78%6.19 billion
5Norway5.75%6.16 billion
6United Kingdom4.65%4.98 billion
7USA4.6%4.93 billion
8China4.06%4.34 billion
9Poland3.45%3.69 billion
10France2.88%3.09 billion

Denmark’s Top Export Goods 2021

The main export goods of Denmark are pharmaceuticals with a total value of worth 19 billion. Next to that, Industrial machinery and nuclear reactors are also included in the list with 14.1 billion USD. Electrical machinery and oil and mineral fuels are also exported in large quantities from Denmark. When it comes to precision instruments, it exports a wide range of precision instruments to different countries worldwide.

As Denmark is surrounded by sea, it exports seafood worth 2.85 billion. Meat and dairy products are an integral part of Denmark’s export products worth 4.12 billion and 2.75 billion USD respectively.

List of Export Goods from Denmark

Sl. No.Export ProductPercentageValue (USD)
1Pharmaceuticals17.7%19 billion
2Industrial Machinery, Nuclear reactors13.2%14.1 billion
3Electrical Machinery7.92%8.48 billion
4Oil & Mineral Fuels2.62%2.8 billion
5Precision Instruments3.87%4.14 billion
6Meat3.85%4.12 billion
7Furniture2.95%3.15 billion
8Motor Vehicles & Parts2.82%3.02 billion
9Seafood2.67%2.85 billion
10Dairy Products1.02%2.75 million

Denmark’s Top 10 Import Countries

Denmark takes advantage of its location and imports raw materials and oils required for manufacturing industries. Denmark mostly trades with its neighboring countries.

The top five importer countries for Denmark in 2021 are Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Poland.

Germany’s percentage of imports is the largest with a value worth 20 billion. Then comes another two Scandinavian countries  Sweden and Netherlands with a value worth 12 billion and 8.11 million respectively.

China is also importing its products to Denmark due to the liberalization of the market and a friendly trade relationship with Denmark. Other neighboring countries that import to Denmark are Norway, Belgium, and Italy. Countries like Poland, United Kingdom, and the USA can also be included as the main importing countries of Denmark.

  • Germany: 21%, 20 billion
  • Sweden: 12.5%, 12 billion
  • Netherlands: 8.45%, 8.11 billion
  • China: 7.86%, 7.55 billion
  • Poland: 4.53%, 4.35 billion
  • United Kingdom: 3.54%, 3.39 billion
  • Italy: 3.33%, 3.2 billion
  • Norway: 3.32%, 3.18 billion
  • Belgium: 3.28%, 3.15 billion
  • USA: 3.1%, 2.97 billion

Denmark’s Import Goods

Denmark imports different products required for manufacturing industries. It accelerates the production and industrial advancement of the nation and also helps technological development. Unlike its neighboring countries, Denmark has not had a sufficient amount of mineral oil and fossil fuels. Industrial and Electrical machinery is imported of worth 13.1 billion and 9.79 billion USD. There are other imported goods like iron and steel articles, plastics, and precision instruments.

  • Industrial Machinery: 13.7%, 13.1 billion
  • Electrical Machinery: 10.2% , 9.79 billion
  • Motor Vehicles & Parts: 8.33% , 7.99 billion
  • Oil & Mineral Fuels: 4.63% , 4.44 billion
  • Pharmaceuticals: 5.52%, 5.3 billion
  • Plastics: 4.06% , 3.9 billion
  • Precision Instruments: 3.11% , 2.99 billion
  • Iron & Steel Articles: 2.9%, 2.78 billion
  • Apparel, Non-Knit: 2.63%, 2.53 billion
  • Furniture: 2.75% , 2.64 billion


  • Revenue of Product Exports in 2019: $104B
  • Revenue of Product Imports in 2019: $98.9B


  • $340 billion: Nominal, 2020
  • $336 billion: PPP, 2020

Per Capita

  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Exports in 2019: $18k
  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Imports in 2019: $17k

Service Export & Import

  • Revenue of Service Exports in 2017: $64B
  • Revenue of Service Imports in 2017: $58.6B

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