ABF Freight Tracking

Now you can track ABF Freight shipment by providing reference or tracking number. Or simply contact to ABF Freight to check the delivery status.  ABF Freight is a subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation. It operates as a specialized LTL service provider across North America. It is an established player in both regional and national shipping sectors. ABF Freight provides efficient transportation for emerging and established players in the markets.It’s operations are upgraded with advanced and innovative technology.

ABF Freight

ABFFreight has been providing reliable services consistently for approximately 100 years. The firm provides efficient cargo handling and delivery services. In addition, it  provides many allied supply chain services. The long term aim of the firm is to solve transportation challenges in a creative manner with technological inputs.

ABF Freight Shipment Tracking

Clients can track shipments with the help of Shipment tracking tool. To view status, clients have to provide a unique PRO or tracking number. Else clients can simply log in their accounts and stay notified about the shipment status.

Enter ABF Freight Detail

Clients can access other other tracking options such as:

  • Autotrack – to get real time pick up and delivery dates
  • Shipment planner – to get notifications through a reader friendly calendar like interface
  • ABF mobile for phone – to get updates on mobile app for shipment tracking
  • API integration – for connecting shipment tracking capabilities to one’s personal website

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Client can explore the various options for transportation and logistics using the ‘Get a quote’feature. For availing this feature, they have to provide details of origin and destination, shipment specifications and the weight and dimensions of load. So, clients are able to avail the best services at optimized rates.

By selecting a pick up time, one can evaluate estimated transit time. Clients can also contact the Quotation analyst using the number 844-734-7306. One can also know about LTL rates using the email id customersolutions@arcb.com.

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