Italy Top 10 Exports and Imports 2022

The biggest exports of Italy are machinery and mechanical items that are nearly 18% of total exports, whereas the biggest imports countries Germany with nearly 12%. Here you can find out which are the top Itlay’s products that are exported to other countries. Italy is one of the fast-growing countries that has led to the growth of new industries and manufacturing companies. It lies along the Mediterranean coastline that has led to the increased rate of imports and exports in the country and has also improved the economic condition over the recent years. There was a surplus of the profits generated by the product imports and exports that was about $525 billion and $480 billion respectively in 2019. There was also a high revenue of service imports and exports that has attracted more investors to set up new companies in this place as a result of which the GDP has flourished in recent years.

Italy’s Top 10 Export Countries

Italy has an interconnection with different countries in the world to whom it exports its valuable products and items. This has helped in the flouring of trade all over Italy and has also led to the increase in the Economy.  The highest export value of Italy consists of Germany with 65 billion USD and this is nearly 12.1% of the total export figure. Whereas, France and United States is the next countries for export. This has led to new innovation and exchange of ideas that has allowed a chance for greater employment and development in Italy.

Sl. No.CountryPercentageValue (USD)
1Germany12.1%65 billion
2France10.5%56 billion
3USA9.48%50 billion
4Switzerland5.42%29 billion
5United Kingdom5.25%28 billion
6Spain5.1%27 billion
7Belgium2.96%15.9 billion
8Poland2.81%15.1 billion
9China2.7%14.5 billion
10Netherlands2.49%13.4 billion

Itlay Top 10 Export Goods

The highest number of goods that is exported from Italy is Medicaments that covering 4.49%, whereas the 2nd biggest export item is Motor and Racing Cars that covering 2.82%.

Here is the full data list of the top 10 exports of Italy:

Sl. No.Export ProductPercentageValue (USD)
1Medicaments4.49%$24 billion
2Automobile2.82%$15.2 billion
3Motor Vehicles Parts and Accessories2.7%$14.5 billion
4Petroleum oils2.64%$14.2 billion
5Trunks, suit-cases, vanity-cases, executive-cases, brief-cases, traveling-bags, insulated food or beverages bags, handbags, and  shopping-bags1.93%$10.4 billion
6Human blood, animal blood, vaccines, toxins, and cultures of micro-organisms1.56%$8.41 billion
7Taps, valves, pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats, and thermostatically controlled valves1.51%$8.16 billion
8Footwear, plastics, and leather1.5%$8.07 billion
9Furniture and parts1.4%$7.53 billion

Here is the data of Japan’s Top 10 Export items.

Italy’s Top 10 Import Goods

Italy also imports several goods and raw materials that are essentially required for the manufacturing and production of new products and items. The highest import value stands at 58 billion USD which holds for a wide range of minerals and ores that also includes oil products. Apart from that, the imported goods also include automobiles and vehicle accessories, and machinery which account for about 48 billion USD. Not only that electronics and telecommunication industry also holds a greater part in the import goods along with chemicals and plastics. When it comes to the fashion industry, Italy imports different stones and imitation jewelry worth 12.6 billion USD.

  • Mineral fuels, oils, mineral waxes etc: 12.3% – $58 billion
  • Vehicles, tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories: 10.1% – $48 billion
  • Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, and mechanical appliances: 9.77% – $46 billion
  • Electrical machinery and equipment, TV image, parts, and accessories: 7.51% – $35 billion
  • Pharmaceutical products: 5.71% – $27 billion
  • Plastics and Plastics articles: 4.34% – $20 billion
  • Iron and steel: 4.07% – $19.3 billion
  • Organic chemicals: 3.4% – $16.1 billion
  • Optical, photographic, cinematographic, medical or surgical instruments: 2.88% – $13.7 billion
  • Natural or cultured pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, metals, imitation jewelry, and coin: 2.66% – $12.6 billion

Top 10 Import Countries in 2019

In this part, we will provide you with a list of top Italy’s top import countries in 2019 that has led to high production and manufacturing of new products in recent years. This has also led to the development of new routes via air and waterways and the establishment of new ports near the coastline. The numbers of the different countries resemble the revenues that are generated in 2019 and how Italy has established strong and friendly relations with the neighboring countries (Germany being the Highest) and other countries throughout the whole world.

  • Germany: 16.1% – 76 billion
  • France: 8.2% – 38 billion
  • China: 7.46% – 35 billion
  • Spain: 5.42% – 25 billion
  • Netherland: 5.24% – 24 billion
  • Belgium: 4.66% – 22 billion
  • USA: 4% – 19 billion
  • Russia: 3.37% – 16 billion
  • Switzerland: 2.57% – 12.2 billion
  • Poland: 5% – 11.9 billion


  • Revenue of Product Exports in 2019: $525 billion
  • Revenue of Product Imports in 2019: $480 billion

Per Capita

  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Exports in 2019: $8.71k
  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Imports in 2019: $7.96k


  • $1.8 trillion: Nominal, 2020 est.
  • $2.4 trillion: PPP, 2020 est.

Service Export & Import

  • Revenue of Service Exports in 2017: $101B
  • Revenue of Service Imports in 2017: $109B

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