What is War Risk Surcharge?

War Risk Surcharge simply means that the Insurance company will charge additional amount if the ship passes through a particular zone.  In today’s time, many places around the world are witnessing political disturbances within and between countries. Often, these disturbances assume a warlike scenario. This creates a lot of disturbance …

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What is Pier Pass Fee?

At times, shippers get a bit doubtful about certain fees charged on their shipping bills. There are several components of a shipping bill out of which Pier Pass Fee is among one of them. Some of these items are constant on every voyage and are known to almost every shipper, …

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Top Shipping Companies in Jordan – 2022 List

List of leading Shipping Companies in Jordan with their contact number, address and reviews detail. In this list we have complied only the top and big international shipping service provider.  The country has a robust economy with large phosphate mines and in its south. The country is the largest phosphate …

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List of Ports in Korea in 2022

There are few to Ports in Korea that has been listed here with their contact number and address detail.  South Korea is an island nation in East Asia and it’s a developed country. It showed remarkable economic growth from the 1980s through the 1990s and is today the 10th largest …

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Asurion Shipment Tracking & Contact Number

Enter your Asurion tracking number to find the latest request status of your claim. If you recently claim for your damaged phone or gadget then you can track and trace the claim status online. Overview Of Asurion The company has been in the business for 20 years. They have satisfied …

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Wilhelmsen Ships Service – About, Jobs & Contact

Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has a dream – to become a key solution provider for the maritime industry, courtesy of its ground-breaking services, products, and robust support system. In keeping with the requirements of the day, WSS also is working hard to develop solutions that will lead to emission-free shipping, …

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Gulf Worldwide Express Tracking

Gulf Worldwide Express

Use Gulf Worldwide Express tracking number that allow you to track and trace your cargo, courier and shipment in real time.  The Dubai-based Gulf Worldwide Express (GWE) is an MNC and a notable player in the global courier & freight sector. Dubai is one of the major hubs of the …

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Emarat Maritime, LLC – Dubai, Job & Services

Emarat Maritime

Emarat Maritime started its journey in 1990. Ever since then, the Dubai-based firm has seen consistent growth, based on its core values of sensitivity towards customers’ needs and the well-being of its employees. The multinational workforce of the company brings together the best of talent from around the world. It …

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Top Shipping Companies in New Zealand in 2022

New Zealand shipping companies

List of leading Shipping Companies in New Zealand: The country is one of the most developed nations of the world that is flanked by oceans on all sides. It lies on the Pacific Ocean and is home to large-scale industries and manufacturing units whose products are exported to various parts …

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