Germany’s Top Exports and Import

List of top import and exports of Germany: It is the world’s fourth-largest economy and third-largest exporter. It has a positive trade balance of $305 billion with its exports standing at $1.5 trillion and imports standing at $1.2 trillion. The latest figures available for Germany show that as much as 66% of Germany’s exports were made to the following countries whose respective percentage shares are also given.

Here is a quick overview of Exports from Germany and the goods which are import from other countries. This infographic explained the Germany’s Top 10 Export Countries and the good which are send to the other countries:

Germany top 10 export products countries

You can also download this infographic in PDF format here or else continue reading below.

Germany’s Top 10 Export Countries 2021

Sl. No.CountryPercentageValue (USD)
1USA8.64%119 billion
2China7.97%110 billion
3France7.5%103 billion
4Netherlands6.44%89 billion
5United Kingdom5.51%76 billion
6Poland5.33%73 billion
7Italy4.99%69 billion
8Austria4.81%66 billion
9Switzerland4.78%66 billion
10Belgium3.56%49 billion

When we look into which continents are Germany’s major importers, available data show that 66.1% of Germany’s exports went to countries in Europe while 19.1% of them went to countries in Asia. North America imported another 10.3%. Africa imported a small share amounting to 1.7% followed by Latin America excluding Mexico at 1.4%. The figure for Latin America includes the Caribbean. Lastly, 0.9% of Germany’s exports went to Oceania with Australia being the major importer.

Germany’s exports have made the country one of the richest in the world. It has a total population of 83.2 million and the total exports Germany made in 2020 stood at $1.378 trillion which translates into a figure of around $16,600 for every resident in the country.

The Top 10 Exports of Germany

The figures given below show the top 10 German export categories with their corresponding value in dollars and their percentage share of Germany’s total exports.

Sl. No.Export ProductPercentageValue (USD)
1Motor cars and other motor vehicles8.82%$122 billion
2Medicaments4.36%$60 billion
3Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles3.91%$54 billion
4Human blood, animal blood, vaccines, toxins, cultures of micro-organisms2.38%$32 billion
5Aircraft, spacecraft and spacecraft launch vehicles1.48%$20 billion
6Automatic data processing machines, magnetic or optical readers1.37%$19 billion
7Machines and mechanical appliances1.3%$18 billion
8Medical Instruments1.2%$16.6 billion
9Transmission apparatus, radio-telegraphy, radio-broadcasting or television1.05%$14.5 billion

Two-thirds (68.3%) of Germany’s total exports were accounted for by these top 10 exports mentioned above.

Top German Export Companies

There are more than fifty companies that find a place in Forbes Global 2000. A few of the major exporting companies of Germany are mentioned below.

  • Adidas (apparel/accessories)
  • BASF (diversified chemicals)
  • Bayer (diversified chemicals)
  • Allianz (diversified insurance)
  • Volkswagen Group (cars, trucks)
  • Heidelberg Cement (construction material)
  • Daimler (cars, trucks)
  • BMW Group (cars, trucks)
  • Continental (automotive parts)
  • Merck (pharmaceuticals)
  • Siemens (engineering)
  • Linde (diversified chemicals, construction)
  • Fresensius (medical equipment, supplies)
  • Henkel (household/personal care items)

Due to the damaging effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, Germany’s exports saw a fall of 8 percent to 98.1 billion Euros in January 2021, the sharpest fall since August. While sales to the European Union countries dropped by 6 percent, Germany’s exports to the Euro area countries dropped by 6.5 percent.

Also find Italy’s Top Export data here.

Germany has posted a trade surplus of $205.9 billion in the year 2020. This marks a fall of 17.9 percent from $250.7 billion posted the previous year, i.e. 2019.

It’s worth mentioning here that Germany’s international trade of cars and other automotive parts shows highly positive net exports. This is an indicator of the fact that Germany has achieved a great deal of engineering excellence in the field of automobiles and automotive parts giving it a strong advantage over other competitors.


  • Revenue of Product Exports in 2019: $1.44T

Per Capita

  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Exports in 2019: $17.3k


  • $3.8 trillion: Nominal, 2020 est.
  • 5 trillion: PPP, 2020 est.

Service Export & Import

  • Revenue of Service Exports in 2017: $257B

Final Words

Not just automobiles, Germany has achieved excellence in the manufacture or production and export of various items that have made the country a superpower. Its trade surplus is a major contributor to its prosperity. The article has mentioned the top 10 items of export from Germany which are a major pillar in the country’s economy.

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