Top 10 Shipping Companies in UK

United Kingdom is an island country, bordered by large water bodies like English Channel, North Sea, Irish Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Shipping system has been used since ancient times. There are many ports and harbours providing shipping services like freight shipping, cargo shipping, chemical tankers, refrigerated shipping and vehicle carrier services.

Shipping Companies UK

List of Shipping Companies in UK

UK is a leading global player in the sphere of maritime businesses services. Maritime business services has a team with 10,000 skilled people. It contributes £4.4 billion to the economy. So let us have a look at top 10 shipping firms in UK.

Veritas register of Shipping Limited

Veritas register of Shipping Limited provides miscellaneous services like classification of ships certification verification and provision of consultancy. It was established in 2008 at Venezuela but in 2012 to London UK.

Veritas Register of Shipping Limited has network of surveys to search clients worldwide. The serving thing constitutes Naval Architects mariners engineers and Technical personal. The firm deals with classification of ships as per society rules and regulations, statutory certification of ships, certification of marine components as per societies rules and regulation, documentation services like approve in plants manuals booklets and working drawings of ships. The classification of ships is done on the basis 6of strength watertight integrity superstructures reliability of propulsion and auxiliary machinery.

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TGM, Tidy Thames Refuse services

It was established 25 years ago as a waste disposal and recycling facility. The aim is to customers operating on river Thames and its shoreline with best of practice waste management scheme. Barges have inbuilt tanks where liquids are collected, segregated, processed or directed for recycling. For its environment friendly initiative, it has built reputation among clients

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Phone Number: 07946-151-860

Spencer, C.F. & Company Limited

Spencer was founded in 1984 as a comprehensive form dealing in marine services like marine consultancy underwriting, marine insurance, Offshore industry, Marine civil engineering etc. The firm strictly believes in being responsive even in the most unfavourable conditions. Spencer is one of the best companies. It is known for home grown professional values and providing IT based marine services on a global scale.

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Phone Number: +44-1482-223832

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NHK International

It was found pretty recently in the year 2010. It is a international crew management and ship handling company. The mission of this company is to serve customer needs and fulfil their vessel requirements. The firm believes in providing flexible and tailor made solutions in area of services and resources. The firm enables the customers to meet industry and ever increasing demands of clients. Clients are provided assistance in rapidly developing Global shipping activities. The firm has a team of professional experts. NHK International is for its consistency and quality services.

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Phone Number: (+1)248-926-0111

Maritime London

It is a UK based company dealing in providing professional services to international shipping industry. The aim of this firm is to promote Maritime Business Centre in UK as well as world.

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Phone Number: +4420-7929-4999

John Good Shipping Co.

It is one of the most trusted names in the list of independent shipping and logistics providers.The firms deals with multiple operations like freight forwarding, international warehousing, distributions and supply chain management systems.

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Phone Number: +441482-325-781

Anglo Caribbean Shipping Company Limited

It is a Private Limited company which became operational on 2nd October 1973. Its registered office is located at Lime Harbour, London.

Femis Limited

It is a Private Limited company which was found on 26th October 1946. Its headquarters are situated at London Bridge Street, England.

Phone Number: 020 7089 8008

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John Hughes and Associates

It was established as a shipping company in the year 1990. It was founded by John Hughes,a skilled hatch rider. The firm is sometimes called Hugeship, in honour of its founder. It deals in sale and purchase of shipping commodities. It also provides charter of surveying vessels to renewable gaseous firms.

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Phone Number: +441407-842-118

Oak International

Oak International deals in freight forwarding services and one of the best service providers in that category. Its registered office is situated in Bristol, UK. It came into operation on January 1997. Majority of its clients belong to West England and South Wales

Official Website:

Phone Number: +44117-938-1555

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