Emkay Line Shipping Container Tracking

Emkay Line is one of the world most quality oriented and trusted shipping firms. Established in 2008, it serves 90 ports situated all over world. With its consistency and commitment towards constant progress, it has earned a special place in the shipping industry.Materials shipped include bulk products like heavy machinery and elevators. Emkay Line Shipping Company has an inventory of 25000 containers, making it one of the most credible shipping lines. It’s human resource team is highly qualified, well trained, experienced and committed to excellence. In a very short time span, Emkay has covered 4 continents Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Emkay Line

Emkay Line Container Tracking

The company has built an online application in order to track shipment of Emkay Line. Customers will have to provide the BL and Container Number to know the status.

Emkay Line Shipping Form

Clients can also check their container from the website http://www.emkayline.com/?page_id=13. A specific container number has the format XXXU1234567.

The client has to provide the container number in the slot provided.

Then, he must click on the option ‘Track with options’ or ‘Track direct’. The first 4 letters in the container number are used to automatically direct a request to the specific company. The last letters represent the specific container to be delivered to the client.

Emkay Line is a global leader due to its exceptional operational standards and qualified HRD. The shipping giant has a high volume customer base. Its operations span India, China, Gulf, China, Africa, Europe and Far East. Emkay Line’s credibility and track record justifies it’s marketing tagline ‘Shipping beyond imagination’. To place an order with Emkay Line, one has to visit the firm’s website www.emkayline.com.

Core strengths

  1. Strong financial position with minor liabilities
  2. Facility of discounting arrangements with ports
  3. Long term healthy corporate relationships with leading main lines
  4. Sophisticated infrastructure


Emkay Line provides services such as:

  • LCL consolidation (for small ocean freight)
  • Air cargo
  • Afghan cargo
  • Supply chain
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Emkay Line Contact Number

The company provided its email ID where customers can send their queries:

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