Deutsche Afrika-Linien Container Tracking

Deutsche Afrika-Linien was founded in 1924 in Hamburg, Germany. Today, the company has an annual turnover of around $350 million and it operates with a workforce of 1200-1300 based out of locations worldwide. The company is involved in offering cargo services between the Canaray Islands, ports in the Indian Ocean, eastern and southern Africa, and Europe. They also operate the gas and chemical tankers with the name of Essberger Tankers.

Deutsche Afrika-Linien

The company has been in a long-term alliance with Safmarine- the Safmarine/DAL joint venture or the SAFDAL since 1997 which represents the company’s commercial interests in the Southern Africa Europe Container Service (SAECS). The company has grown steadily and forayed into the field of chemical tanker transport recently. The company owns and operates 34 dry cargo ships and tankers today. They are renowned for their logistics and insurance services.

Services Offered By Deutsche Afrika-Linien

Some of the major services offered by Deutsche Afrika-Linien are-

FCL and LCL Shipping: With its FCL shipping service, Deutsche Afrika-Linien gives its customers the convenience of having their freight delivered to the port of destination right at the recipient’s warehouse. The loading is done at the supplier’s warehouse itself and then the freight is sent to the container yard. For goods of small quantities between 1m3 to 15m3, there’s the LCL service where the freight is transported in a container shared with other shippers. This helps save costs.

Bulk and Break Bulk: Deutsche Afrika-Linien offers smooth transportation of very big and heavy cargo that can’t fit into a container. This form of shipping is suitable for the project and heavy cargo, non-standard cargo, and military equipment. The company’s also involved in vessel chartering ship cargo lots forwarding.

Hazardous Cargo Transport: The Company has the required permits and licenses issued by various authorities to carry out the transportation of dangerous goods. These include substances and materials that may trigger an explosion or fire or cause damage to equipment in certain circumstances. Such cargo requires special expertise to be handled which Deutsche Afrika- Linien possesses.

Tracking Deutsche Afrika-Linien Consignments

Here is the procedure below to track your DAL goods in transit;

  1. Enter your Container No./ Booking No. / B/L No. 
  2. Click on the “track” button below, marked in blue color.
  3. You will get the latest container consignment in transit.

Another option is to give a call to the customer care of Deutsche Afrika-Linien at +49 (0)40 38016-0, provide your tracking or reference number and they will provide the current shipment status over the phone itself.

Alternatively, you can just drop an email to DAL customer support at along with your container reference or booking number and they will reply you in 2 business days.

Deutsche Afrika-Linien Headquarter Address

Palmaille 45
22767 Hamburg

Customer Support

Phone Number: +49 (0)40 38016-0
Fax Number: +49 (0)40 38016-663
Email id:

France Phone Number: +33 491 399 347

UK Phone Number: +44 1394 601 112

UAE Phone Number: +971 4 354 833 3

India Phone Number: +91 22 667 751 54

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