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Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has a dream – to become a key solution provider for the maritime industry, courtesy of its ground-breaking services, products, and robust support system. In keeping with the requirements of the day, WSS also is working hard to develop solutions that will lead to emission-free shipping, while embracing extensive digitalization to enhance an overall excellent customer experience.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service

About Wilhelmsen Ships Service

The company has been providing top-end services to the global shipping industry for more than 150 years. A solid network of offices in more than 70 countries ensures that WSS’ operations are underway round-the-clock in over 2,000 ports around the world. This makes WSS the largest maritime network-supported organization in the world.

The current CEO of Wilhelmsen Ships Service is Mr. Thomas Wilhelmsen. There are approx 21,000 employees (full time) working in Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

Wilhelmsen Ship Services List

WSS offer a wide range of products & services.These are outcomes of extensive research & development that the company carries out on a regular basis. The objective of WSS, ever since its inception, has been very simple, yet wide. Transparency in providing service, competitive rates, and a business policy deep-rooted in ethics & honesty – these have been the guiding forces of WSS from day 1.

The product & service bouquet of WSS can be categorized as follows:

  • Offshore Solutions – providing a range of tools & equipment that are used in offshore drilling activities. WSS supplies these tools to more than 30% of the world’s offshore rig activities.
  • Cruise Solutions – luxury cruises are among the most popular travel activities of millions of tourists globally. While their comfort & entertainment are the responsibility of the shipping liner, their safety is also of paramount importance. WSS provides spa & pool water treatment solutions & HMPE ropes to ensure the ship’s and passengers’ health & safety. With WSS’ product range, the liners can breathe easily as they become compliant with every safety-related regulation.
  • Drydocking services – from getting the vessel onto the dry dock to an extensive inspection of the vessel, WSS’s services leave no scope for complaint.
  • Marine Products – WSS provides top-of-the-line products like gas & cylinder, refrigeration tools, welding equipment, lubricants, and a variety of ropes needed by ships.
  • Marine chemicals – products like cleaning liquids, water treatment products, and oil solutions.
  • Extensive digitalization of marine services

WSS is among the most trusted partners for the global maritime industry. Over 150 years old & still going strong, WSS is set to scale newer heights of glory & keep inspiring other companies in the same industry around the world.

Job Opening in Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Time to time the Wilhelmsen open vacancies for several post like Product Manager (Oil & Water Test), Product Marketing, Port Services Enginner, Trainees, Ships Agency Operator etc.


There are several benefits working at Wilhelmsen like:

  • Good Salary Package
  • Good Work Environment
  • Medical Benefits

How to Apply for a Job?

Interested candidate can directly submit their resume and apply for the available job in Wilhelmsen  by going to this official page. Here you will also have to upload your updated resume.

Wilhelmsen  Head Office Norway

Postal Address
PO Box 33 NO-1324, Lysaker
Visiting Address
Strandveien 20 NO-1366 , Lysaker
Phone: (+47) 67 58 40 00
Mobile: +47 95 90 79 51
Email: Benedicte.Teigen.Gude@wilhelmsen.com

Wilhelmsen Head Office Singapore

Visiting Address
1 Kim Seng Promenade
#15-07/07A/08/09 Great World City
West Tower, Singapore 237994
Phone: 65 65134670
Email: esther.gan@wilhelmsen.com

Website: https://www.wilhelmsen.com/

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