Kenya Top 10 Exports and Imports Goods

The export products of Kenya are increasing in 2022 after the recent situation. Kenya shares its coastline with the Indian ocean and is one of the prominent countries in Eastern Africa. It is one of the most populous countries in Africa and is home to a wide range of plantations and animals. Not only that, the climate and location, it has led to the overall development of prominent cities in its area and has led the development of industrial and manufacturing sectors.

It has a very good form of transportation via the air, land, and seaways that had incurred a revenue of product exports and imports of 6.25 billion USD and 18.8 billion USD respectively. This has helped to improve the GDP of Kenya and its value was estimated to be around $243.137 billion.

Kenya Top 10 Export Countries

Kenya exports its products to foreign countries including Uganda and the USA with a value worth 624 million USD and 508 million USD respectively. Netherlands and Pakistan are also included in the list of Kenya’s export countries list due to the ease of transport facilities. This has led to the development of friendly relations of Kenya with other countries of the world. It has improved connectivity and increased high rates of employment and productivity. Other countries like the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and China are also included in Kenya’s export countries list. 

Exports graph from Kenya in 2022 shows a brief overview of the goods:

Sl. No.CountryPercentageValue (USD)
1Uganda10.6%624 million
2USA8.71%508 million
3Netherlands8.05%470 million
4Pakistan7.59%443 million
5United Kingdom6.71%391 million
6United Arab Emirates6.49%379 million
7Tanzania5.64%329 million
8Rwanda3.89%227 million
9Egypt3.18%185 million
10China2.54%148 million

Kenya Top 10 Export Goods

Kenya exports differ in types of materials to foreign countries. Coffee is a unique product that is exported in abundance to foreign countries. Tea, mat, and spices are also exported with a total value worth 1.33 billion USD.

Due to its unique location, many live trees and flowers are also exported to different countries followed by Edible vegetables and fruits. Different knitted and traditional African clothing apparel including dresses for men and women are also exported in bulk quantities worth 231 million USD. Iron and steel along with huge quantities of nuclear reactors equipment, machinery are also exported to western countries.

Sl. No.Export ProductPercentageValue (USD)
1Coffee, tea, mat,e, and spices22%1.33 billion
2Live trees and other plants, bulbs, roots,  cut flowers, and ornamental foliage11%644 million
3Articles of apparel, clothing accessories, and not knitted or crocheted7.74%231 million
4Edible vegetables3.96%224 million
5Edible fruit, nuts,  peel of citrus fruit, and melons3.84%204 million
6Ores, slag, and ash3.5%195 million
7Animal or vegetable fats and oils, cleavage products,  edible fats, and animal or vegetable waxes3.34%137 million
8Iron and steel2.36%134 million
9Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, mechanical appliances2.31%132 million
10Mineral fuels, waxes & oils, distillation, bituminous substances2.26%451 million

Top 10 Import Countries

Kenya imports a large number of products from its neighboring and foreign countries. The products imported are essentially required for the process of manufacturing and development. China, with a value of 3.59 billion USD ranks the top list of Kenya’s import country list followed by India and the United Arab Emirates. Other Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia are also included in the list with a value of 947 million and 482 million USD respectively. Other Western countries like Germany and America are also included in the list.

  • China: 20%, 3.59 billion
  • India: 9.91%, 1.7 billion
  • United Arab Emirates: 9.48%, 1.63 billion
  • Saudi Arabia: 7.24%, 1.24 billion
  • Japan: 5.5%, 947 million
  • South Africa: 3.99%, 688 million
  • USA: 3.43%, 591 million
  • Indonesia: 2.8% , 482 million
  • Germany: 2.52%, 435 million
  • Egypt: 2.42%, 416 million

Here is what Ecuador exports and imports.

Kenya Top Import Goods

Kenya imports a wide range of raw materials and products required for the process of manufacturing. It imports petroleum and crude oil products worth 3.01 billion USD. Automobile equipment is also imported with the latest technologies and innovations. Wheat and meslin have also imported that form the basis of production in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Due to its nearness towards the sea, large amounts of shipping and marine military products are also imported in Kenya worth 204 million USD. Non-alloy steel and iron products are also imported from the western countries that form the basis of construction in the African countries including Kenya.

  • Nearly 17.5% of the imported products are Petroleum oils and crude oil wirth$3.01 billion
  • 3.21% of the goods imported from Automobile sectors worth $553 million
  • Palm oil and its fractions: 3.02%, $521 million
  • Wheat and meslin: 2.91%, $501 million
  • Medicaments: 2.72%, $468 million
  • Iron or non-alloy steel: 2.3%, $396 million
  • Cane or beet sugar: 1.78%, $307 million
  • Rice: 1.42%, $245 million
  • Other iron or non-alloy steel: 1.2%, $208 million
  • Other Light-vessels, floating docks, and submersible drilling: 1.18%, $204 million.

Service Export & Import

  • Revenue of Service Exports in 2014: $4.92 billion
  • Revenue of Service Imports in 2014: $2.85 billion


  • Revenue of Product Exports in 2019: $6.25 billion
  • Revenue of Product Imports in 2019: $18.8 billion

Per Capita

  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Exports in 2019: $119
  • Revenue of Per Capita Product Imports in 2019: $357


  • $ 101.048 billion: Nominal, 2020 est.
  • $243.137 billion: PPP, 2020 est.

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