Swire Oilfield Services Container Tracking

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Swire OS has world class fleet capabilities and service standards. The Swire Shipping is the famous brand name of The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd (CNCo). It has been serving the industry for about 39 years. It has gradually developed into a fully integrated services provider. The company continually seeks to diversify its global operations. Presently, it has as many as 58 global bases. Recently, the firm has appointed new Chief financial officer.

The Swire Oilfield Services is a shipping company also known as China Navigation Company (CNCo). Use track and trace to know the container status.

Swire Oilfield Container Tracking

Swire Shipping

Clients can get notified regarding expected date of container delivery with the aid telephonic or email communication. One can call on the number +44 1224 872707 and talk to customers or send an email to uk@swireos.com.

Alternately, a client can send inquiry with  personal details of expected container  to  https://www.swireos.com/contact/. The company representative gets in touch with the client using the contact phone or email id of customer.

About Swire Oilfield Services

Swire Group owns or holds containers on lease. The goods are securely stored and transported in robust containers. Containers are of various types, tailored to meet unique client demands. These include general purpose, folding flatrack, highcube, integral reefer, open top and container types. The containers are standard DNV 2.7-1 certified.These are made available for reliable equipment supply throughout many locations distributed worldwide.

Swire Oilfield Services List

1. Structural fabrication
2. Equipment maintenance
3. Equipment testing and inspection
4. Engineering services
5. Fleet management

Swire Oilfield Services Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9689952NEW GUINEA CHIEF20151,61722,032175.2

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