Top 20 Shipping Companies in Durban, SA

List of best Shipping Companies in Durban from where goods can be sent across the globe. This list is prepared based on the reviews and how old is the company.  Durban city offers a plethora of options when it comes to jobs and business operations. As of now, we are going to take a look at some of the best shipping companies in this city.

Durban Shipping Companies

Top Durban Shipping Companies

Here is a list of reputed international Shipping companies based in Durban city:

Turners Shipping

Turners Shipping company is counted among the leading shipping company from Durban. This company has been around for many years and has a team of 200 trained professionals. The professionals are able to devise affordable business plans that help clients in a complex scenario. This company caters to the whole of the African continent by sea, rail, and road.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

If you are looking for great services for an affordable price then this is the company you should consider hiring. This company offers great services when it comes to container shipping all over the world. This company transports goods by sea, rail, and road.

C. Steinweg Bridge Group

When it comes to availing services related to logistics, chartering, forwarding, handling, and storage. This company has a strong reputation and is well-known in the African continent. The company is known for its prompt and reliable services.

Bidfreight Port Operations

If you are willing to pay extra then this is one company that will provide you services that are good value for your money. This company conducts operations in most major ports in South Africa. The company has 150 years of experience in this field and they come up with the best solutions.

Grindrod Limited

Grindrod is a company that has experience that goes back 100 years. The company not only transport via sea but also through cargo by air, and rail. They are known to provide specialized services to the clients. The Company has representation in over 24 countries and is helpful in facilitation smooth trade in Africa.

Imbabane Removals

This company started its business in the year 2011 it has its head office in Durban. However, within a short period, this company has earned a strong and positive reputation in the industry. The company offers office removals, general cartage, and house removal services. They also offer storage services.

Bidvest SACD

This company is considered to be a leader in the industry as it provides complete services globally. The solutions provided by the company are suitable for industries of all sizes. Customers can expect innovative solutions related to export and import. The company has facilities in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town. They are fully committed to delivering the solutions related to the supply chain.

Durban Container Terminal

This is the busiest terminal for containers. The terminal can accommodate a generous capacity of 3.6 million TEU every year. The terminal is being worked upon and will be extended by 16m. 

Monteagle Logistics Limited

This company is not to be confused with any average shipping company. The company is fast to recognize that supply chains constantly chain so they offer services that help to adapt real fast.


When it comes to reliable courier services this company is undisputed. The company offers you fast deliveries round the clock. Globeflight offers logistic services all over the world, the company has 29 branches in total. The company offers courier services for almost anything. The team of professionals in this company utilizes sophisticated technology to serve more than 9000 customers. The company has received an ISO 9001certification.

Noble Freight

This company began its journey in the year 1998 and the company has experienced more than 20 years in bulk transportation. This company can fulfill your every need, all you have to do is drop them a message and their team will get back to you. They use trucks of different sizes depending on the requirement of the customers.

KZN Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents

This company in Durban has gone from strength to strength and constantly expanding its operations. It no longer is restricted to South Africa it has started catering to the countries close to South Africa.

Mountain Movers

This Durban based removal company will definitely strike a positive chord with you. The company provides National and local removal services. The good thing is that the company offers services which are reliable and affordable too. The company employs a team of hardworking professionals who know how to do their job perfectly well.

CMA CGM Shipping

Are you looking for a company that provides versatile services? Then this company will certainly live up to your expectations in every way. The company has a very strong network and provides reliable services 24/7.


Transnet is alone responsible for delivering goods all over Africa and is now focused on expanding its operations by reaching out to a wider market over a period.

Harbour Bulk Handling Pty Ltd

If you are interested in moving bulk items whether it is your home or office then this company can do a good job for you. This company already has a wide customer base and has received tons of positive reviews from customers.

PostNet Glenwood

Looking for a reliable courier service provider? Well, this company will do a fabulous job. This company has stores in multiple locations and it provides services related to Flags, banners, litho printing, laminating, binding, design, flyers, business cards, printing in wide format, printing in color, Packaging, global mail, overnight shipping, and domestic shipping.

South Africa Cargo Services

The company has more than 25 years of experience and it operates from all major ports of South Africa. The company is very proactive and flexible in its operations. They provide services related to bulk commodities, heavy lifts, trucks, cars, and containers. The professionals in this company are given sufficient training, which allows them to provide excellent customer service.

​ Stor-Age Durban City

When it comes to excellent storage facilities this company takes the winner’s crown without a doubt. The company strives to provide flawless service every single time to its customers. The company also provides unique services to customers depending on their individual needs. The company provides all kinds of storage services and they are all priced reasonably so you do not have to worry about overspending.

Master Movers Durban

This is one is another good shipping companies in Durban as this is equipped to handle a move of any size. The professionals take good care of your valuables so you can rest assured that your items will not sustain any damages. Whether you are moving houses or changing offices this company will take care of all your needs.

List of Top 20 Shipping Companies in Durban

Sl. No.Company & AddressContact NumberWebsite
1Turners Shipping

Turners House 37 Margaret Mncadi Avenue Durban P.O. Box 29, Durban, 4000

Phone Number : +27(0)31 368 8000
Fax Number: +27(0)31 332 8125
2Mediterranean Shipping Company

Geneva, Switzerland

Phone Number: +41 61 555 6555

Email id:
3C. Steinweg Bridge Group

1 Bridge Cl, City Deep, Johannesburg, 2049, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 11 625 3000
4Bidfreight Port Operations

1st Floor, Millweed House, 169 – 175 Maydon Road, Maydon Wharf, Durban, 4001, KwaZulu Natal

Phone Number: +27 (0)31 274 2400

Fax Number: +27 (0)31 205 4116

5Grindrod Limited

Grindrod House, 108 Margaret Mncadi Avenue (Victoria Embankment), Durban, 4001, KZN, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 (31) 304 1451

Fax: +27 (31) 305 2848

6Imbabane Removals

9 Jacko Jackson Drive

Durban, South Africa

Phone Number:  0845143600

7Bidvest SACD

Port Industrial Site, Off Nereide Street

Paarden Eiland

Cape Town 7405

South Africa

Phone Number: +27 21 812 7223

Phone Number: +27 31 466 8200

Email id:
8Durban Container Terminal

8, Bayhead Durban gate, Bayhead, Durban, South Africa

Phone Number:  +27 31 361 6500
9Monteagle Logistics Limited

Gate 4, 265 Sydney Road,

Congella, 4013,

South Africa

Phone Number: +27 31 700 6220

74 Lascalles Road, Meadowbrooke Industrial, Germiston

Phone Number:  (011) 922-2600
Email id:
11Noble Freight

15 Spradbrow Rd, Congela, Durban, 4001, South Africa

Phone Number:   +27 31 205 9435
12KZN Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents

80 Carrick Rd, Queensburgh, Durban, 4093, South Africa

Phone Number:   +27 31 205 1775
13Mountain Movers

6101 Long Prairie Rd, Ste. 744-102, Flower Mound, TX 75028

Phone Number: +27 31 700 6220
Email id:
14CMA CGM Shipping

Boulevard Jacques Saadé

4, quai d’Arenc 13235 Marseille cedex 02 France

Phone Number: +33 (0)4 88 91 90 00

Fax: +33 (0)4 88 91 90 95

Waterfall Business Estate

9 Country Estate Drive

Midrand, 1662

Phone Number: +27 11 308 3000

Email id:
16Harbour Bulk Handling Pty Ltd

1 Wisely Rd, Maydon Wharf, Durban, 4057, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 31 205 2948N/A
17PostNet Glenwood

Shop 40 Glenwood Village Shopping Centre, Moore Grove, 397 Che Guevara Rd, Durban, 4001, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 31 648 0020

Email id:
18South Africa Cargo Services

37 watford road Durban, South Africa

Phone Number:  +27 31 274 2600
Email id:
19Stor-Age Durban City

200 Magwaza Maphalala St, Umbilo, Durban, 4001, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 31 880 0073

Email id:
20Master Movers Durban

5 Hesketh Rd, Westmead, Durban, 3610, South Africa

Phone Number: +27 31 700 8380

Fax: +27 031 700 3760

Email id:


So, these were the top 20 international shipping companies from Durban. They are all committed to providing the best services that money can buy. You can hire any one of the above-mentioned companies and you will not regret it.

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