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The international shipping industry plays the role of a positive catalyst for almost 90% of the global trading activities. Transporting goods all over the world via ships is a cheaper option compared to flights. Large international shipping lines operate across the various trade routes every day, helping commodities reach every corner of the world.

Cambodia shipping companies

More than 55,000 cargo ships operate globally from more than 150 countries. Over 1.5 million crew members are engaged in transporting a wide range of cargo including foodstuff, consumer goods, electrical and electronic products, industrial products, etc.

Some interesting facts about the shipping industry:

  • More than 20 million containers are in voyage every day
  • The distance that a cargo ship travels every year is almost equal to 75% of the distance between the earth and the moon
  • Container ships have more than 1,000 times the power of a family sedan car!

The shipping industry in Cambodia

With a GDP of close to $25 billion, Cambodia has several international trading partner countries. As a result, the shipping industry is also growing steadily. The main operational port is the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port. There are certain smaller river ports in Phnom Penh and some other locations.

The government of Cambodia is eager to provide a positive thrust to the country’s shipping activity and increase international trade. With this aim, it is building newer ports in Kep, Kampot, and Koh Kong. Once these are fully operational, it will be a positive push to the country’s shipping industry.

Several shipping companies, big and medium-sized, operate from Cambodia. Below, we will take a look at some of the top ones among them:

DHL Express

DHL Express is counted among the leading shipping companies from Cambodia. They are the global giant in the field of international overland and air transportation. It is also top-ranked in ocean freight and contract logistics. It provides transportation facilities for small packages and large shipments. It entered Cambodia in 1993 and has a substantial infrastructure here, backed by the latest technology and top-quality service.

Phone: +855 23 970 999

World Bridge Group of Companies

Since 1992, WorldBridge began operations in Cambodia and has established a sizeable presence here. It has ensured premium shipping services to multiple global destinations, as also facilitate the movement of import cargo into Cambodia. Its extensive network of partners all over the world ensures that there is no delay in service.

Phone: +855 23 224 452

DHL Global Forwarding

DHL Global Forwarding is among the largest shipping companies of the world with a range of services. The company has a strong presence in Cambodia and is into sea freight, air freight, road & rail freight, customs and warehousing solutions, and more.

Phone: +855 23 219 678

CFS – Cam Freight Services Co., Ltd.

Since 1998, Cam Freight has played a leading role in the international shipping business of Cambodia. The company is into sea, air, and land freight. It also provides project handling and custom brokerage services. Their large customer base testify to the company’s successful operations on a regular basis.

Phone: +855 23 883 901

UPS Express Cambodia

UPS Express is a multinational shipping company with strong bases in many countries of the world, including Cambodia. It provides an array of freight and package services, covering almost every major port of the world. It has played a very important role in helping Cambodia’s commodities reach the corners of the world and also the country’s imports.

Phone: +855 23 989 270

Maersk (Cambodia) Ltd.

Maersk has played an active role in supporting Cambodian trade and industry since 1993 with its world class shipping services. No wonder that they are one of the largest shipping lines in operation in Cambodia today. With their expertise and huge global network, Maersk is always at the forefront of providing the latest technology-enabled cargo booking and shipping services to the Cambodian industries.

Phone: +855 23 727 800

SRVC Freight Services Cambodia Co., Ltd.

The company was established only in 2008. But in this short span of time, it has built a name for itself as a most dependable provider of world-class shipping services to and from Cambodia. With 3 offices and 80 employees, the company is always working with total devotion towards customer satisfaction. The company is into air, sea, and road transportation, customs clearance & warehousing, and end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Phone: +855 23 880 632

DB Schenker (Cambodia) Limited

With the economy of Cambodia making a steady growth, the need arose for world-class shipping services at a local level. DB Schenker entered Cambodia at this time. The year was 2007. Since then, the company has become a prominent player in Cambodia’s shipping sector, providing global shipping expertise to Cambodia’s industries. It provides air, sea, and land transportation services for a wide range of industries like defense, beverages, consumer goods, etc. The company is also into contract logistics and lead logistics.

Phone: +855 23 210 572

Swift Freight Logistics Limited

Swift Freight began its journey in 2010. It has positioned itself as a reliable and renowned provider of shipping services in Cambodia. The company has a deep understanding of the local industries and their various time-bound requirements and provides competent shipping services that perfectly address those requirements. The company is into multi-modal transportation, cross-border trucking, and project cargo movement.

Phone: +855 23 885 159


CSKHA Lines is another reputed shipping service provider of Cambodia. For quite some time they are a trusted name among Cambodia’s various businesses for their dedicated shipping service and the competent front and back-end staff that provide round-the-clock customer support. The company provides an array of shipping services to a varied range of industries based in Cambodia.

Phone: +855 23 218 328

List of the Shipping company in Cambodia

Sl. No.Company & DetailsWebsite
1DHL Express

Address: 571, 575 Russian Federation Blvd. (110), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


2World Bridge Group of Companies

Address: The Bridge level 38, Village, No 14 National Assembly Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


3DHL Global Forwarding

Address: 11th Floor, Heng Asia Building #22, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (245), 12305, Cambodia


4CFS – Cam Freight Services Co., Ltd.

Address: 313 Street, 85c Phnom Penh, 12152, Cambodia


5UPS Express Cambodia

Address: Camkocity R1, Camko Street Kongkeo Phos Village 2 Commune, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


6Maersk (Cambodia) Ltd.

Address: No. 298, Mao Tse Toung (St. 245), Next to InterContinental Phnom Penh, Room 8A, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (245), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
7SRVC Freight Services Cambodia Co., Ltd.

Address: Tuol Kouk District Hall, Phnom Penh 12150, Cambodia


8DB Schenker (Cambodia) Limited

Address: Ty Thai Heng Long Building, No. 78, 7th Floor, Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (245), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


9Swift Freight Logistics Limited

Address: Plot 61, 570- St 331, Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Address: 2nd Floor, Kim Hap Bldg., #86EA2, Street 388, Sangkat Prey II, Toul Svay, Cambodia

There are number of shipping service providers in Cambodia, but choosing the best one will make your job easier.  If you know any other shipping companies, then do let me know below.

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