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Italy is a shipping hub in the Mediterranean region. Due to its geographical position, the European nation plays a significant role in influencing maritime commerce. Some of its most important ports are Naples and Genoa. Genoa is its main point for cargo handling. Naples port is a point known for supporting aerospace and shipbuilding industries.

Italian Shipping Company

List of Top Italian Shipping Companies

If you are looking for reliable and best shipping companies based in Italy then you may contact the below listed international company. These shipping companies from Italy providing shipment services to USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Asia to other parts of the world.

1) Avion Company

Ever since its establishment in June 1995, Avion company transports goods around the world in a safe and secure manner. It provides both air and sea transport services. The company’s philosophy is to expand the global dimension of transporting. It provides customers with a variety of information regarding costs, prices, rates, and interest rates. For all kinds of information including shipment updates, customers must call on  +39 02 5536 4011.

Phone Number: +39 02 5536 4011

2) Marnavi Spa

Marnavi spa was founded in 1910 in Italy. Its headquarters are in Santa Bridge, Napoli. It deals in the shipping of chemical products and foodstuff transportation markets. In all operational aspects, the company manages its own crews, controls all safety requirements. The company’s strategy is to consolidate its presence in market areas. Customer support is available on the number +39 081 2513.

Phone Number: +39 081 2513300
Fax Number:+39 081 5510865

3) Premuda Spa

Premuda spa is counted among the top of maritime transportation companies in Italy. It was established in Trieste in 1907. Premuda group is a global leading operator in bulk carriers and tanker markets. The headquarters is located in Genova while other offices are based in London and La Valletta. The company’s philosophy is based on creating value for its stakeholders while taking care of the marine environment. Customers must call on +39 010 54441 for tracking shipment updates.

Phone Number: +39 010 54441

4) Time Shipping S.R.L.

Time shipping S.R.L. is a fast-growing, dynamic and flexible organization. It was founded in 2001. The company is headquartered in Milano, MI. The company hires a dedicated and experienced team to provide a full range of international transport, logistics and customs services from across many ports. Services include ocean shipping, air transportation, trucking domestic and customs declaration, hazardous chemical cargo, etc. The company has the marketing slogan  “Ship at the right place and At the right time.” For any shipment updates, customers must call on +39 02 284 1586.

Phone Number: +39 02 284 1586

5) ICC Cargo Roma

ICC cargo Roma has offices in Milan, Florence, Venice, Turin, Vicenza, Rome, and Naples. The firm places emphasis on the precision of all it’s services. Services include quality control, logistics, intermodal services and brokerage services. It uses the marketing slogan of ‘Fast and secured’. Customer care is available at +3906 6487 1194 for all shipment related queries.

Phone Number: +39 06 6487 1194

6) Caratello S.R.L.

Caratello S.R.L. was established in 2003. It is known for delivering safe and professional solutions worldwide. Its network offices are located in Florence and Tuscany in Italy. Caratello also specializes in shipping fragile and delicate objects in need of social care and handling during the packaging process. For any shipment related queries, customers must call on +39 055 011 8470.

Phone Number: +39 055 011 8470

7) Global shipping spa

Global shipping spa is a well known privately owned shipping company. It was founded in 1977. The company is headquartered in Fontane di Vllorba, Treviso. It is specialized in import and export, shipping agents and marine operators, building materials, chemical products, cement-based products, glue powder etc. Customers should call on +39 0422 6111 to know about awaited shipment.

Phone Number: +39 0422 6111

8) M.S.C. Sicilia SRL

M.S.C SICILIA is a well-known shipping agent that provides its services in all phases of logistics and maritime transport of passengers and goods across the globe. It’s located in Palermo, Italy and is part of the arts, entertainment and recreation sector industry. There are 9 companies in the M.S.C Sicilia SRL corporate family. Customers must call on the number +39 091 781 2811 for any shipment updates.

Phone Number: +39 091 781 2811

9) Cosco Shipping

Cosco shipping lines is based in Italy and acts as general shipping agent in the country. It was formed as a joint venture of multiple companies in 2005. Services offered include Liner services, container handling, customs clearance and online services. In order to track cargo, customers need to mention either their Bill of Lading Number or container number. Alternatively, they must call on +39 02 7030 0004.

Phone Number: +39 010 27071.
Fax Number: +39 010 2707509.

10) Evergreen shipping

Evergreen shipping agency was founded in 2005. The company’s line of business includes operating vessels for the marine transportation of freight. It is headquartered in Livorno, Tuscany. The firm provides exporters and importers with fast and efficient local access to global services to the shipping community. It also works to develop new trades in order to meet worldwide customer demands. For any shipment related queries, customers should contact the firm at +39 010 531311.

Phone Number: 91-22-61657900
Fax Number: 91-22-61857299
There are few other shipping companies based in Italy which I have listed below:

Ceva Freight Italy Srl

  • Phone Number: +39 049 762 3411
  • Website:

Agenzia Marittima Le Navi

  • Phone Number: +39 010 64721
  • Website:

Samer & Co. Shipping SpA

  • Phone Number: +39 040 670 2711
  • Website:

PB Tankers S.p.A.

  • Phone Number: +39 06 853 7901
  • Website:


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