List of Sea Ports in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, a landlocked central European country has three core network corridors passing through it. All these corridors have major waterways that link the Czech Republic with the rest of Europe through a network of ports.

Before we take a closer look into the ports, we take you through the three core network corridors that form the backbone of the Czech Republic’s port network.

  • The Baltic-Adriatic Corridor: This corridor connects Poland’s ports of Gdansk and Gydnia with the Slovenian port, Koper and Trieste, Venice and Ravenna in Italy through the Czech Republic.
  • The Orient/East-Med Corridor: This corridor connects Romania with Germany while passing through the Czech Republic. There are also branches passing through Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
  • The Rhine-Danube Corridor: The last of the three corridors, this one connects Germany with Romania with branches passing through Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

It’s these three corridors that are the gateway of the Czech Republic to the rest of Europe.

Here is the list of top sea ports of the Czech Republic.

Sea Ports of Czech Republic

Decin Port

Located on the Elbe River, Decin is one of the Czech Republic’s smaller ports. Situated in the north of the Czech Republic, Decin is more of a tourist attraction than a port handling bulk cargo of large amounts. It’s a river resort that’s very popular among tourists many of whom anchor at the port in their yachts. The port city has a population of 50,000 and it’s connected with the capital city of Prague by train.

Usti nad Labem Port

The port of Usti nad Labem is well connected with the rest of Europe and the Czech Republic through a rail and road network. This sea port connects Czech Republic with Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, and Austria through the network provided by the Elbe River. The port offers many facilities like covered warehouses, handling equipment, customs and forwarding clearances, etc.

Port Praha Radotin

Meant for translation and business activities, the port of Praha Ratodin is located on the Bernouka River’s left bank. There are arrangements for boat transport and the port’s well connected through roadways too. The port operates 24/7, 365 days a week, and is a public port. The port offers offices, workshops, garages, storage facilities, a gatehouse equipped with a road scale, gantry crane, etc.

The Port of Kolin

The Port of Koiln is located on the Elbe River’s left bank and it has a land area of 6.8 ha. The port offers storage facilities on a paved surface. There are also offices and warehouses that can be accessed through ramps. The port is well connected with road and railway sidings that make transport of goods a smooth process. The port is going through a major expansion funded by the European Union.

Port Melnik

Located on the right bank of River Elbe, the port of Melnik is equipped with modern storage facilities, roads, a railway siding, handling areas for storing goods and containers, and a crane track. The port is home to the Melnik International Logistics Centre, a self-sufficient logistics hub with its own river port and tariff railway point. The port offers warehouses on rent and other storage areas.

Sl. No.Seaport Name & DetailPhone No.Website
1Decin PortN/AN/A
2Usti nad Labem Port

Address: Usti nad Labem Czech Republic

2Port Praha Radotin

Address: Výpadová, 15300 Praha – Radotín, Czechia

420 257 940 179
4The Port of Kolin

Address: překladiště U Přístavu 628, Kolín IV, 280 02 Kolín, Czechia

420 321 726 244
5Port Melnik

Address: 276 01, Celní 1144/4, 276 01 Mělník, Czechia

420 315 643 501

Final Words

The Czech Republic is located centrally in the continent of Europe. The Elbe River forms the pivot of the country’s network of ports. Our article on the sea ports in the Czech Republic shares brief details of five of the major Czech Republic ports. It also gives readers a peek into the Czech Republic’s major waterway corridors. It’s a brief, yet comprehensive write up on the Czech Republic’s network of major ports.

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