Port of Longview

The Port of Longview is a renowned port authority based in Washington, United States that was started 100 years back. The port was started in the year 1921 by the state law of Washington. This port is a part of the government undertaking. The operation of the port is supervised by a commission consisting of three members. A commissioner is allowed to be in office for a period of six years and is responsible for the operations within the port.

Port of Longview

About Port of Longview

The port operates the domestic and as well as the international departure and arrival.  It is at this terminal where all bulk cargo is unloaded or loaded by the union workers. Reach stackers, forklifts, and cranes. The workers belong to a group called Union 21. The primary objective of the port is to ensure the growth of economic development and commerce via smart investments to benefit the local community.



The port can be reached via Interstate 5, which serves as the primary road connecting Canada to Mexico. The port is close to three miles from this road.


The Union Pacific and BSNF are two railroads that run very close to Interstate 5 and are located at a distance of 5 miles from Longview Port.


Port of Longview view

Longview Port is located approximately 66 miles from the Pacific Ocean. It is at a driving distance of 120 miles away from Seattle and about 40 miles from the city of Portland. This port covers the majority of the Cowlitz County from the northern part of Kalama to Lewis County.

Port of Longview History

In the year 1911 Washington brought in laws that allowed people to start port districts assign commissioners who would look after the ports and supervise their development.  In the year 1921, the port was opened for operation. Initially, the port was known as Port Kelo, but that was altered later as the law was that the port has to be named after a big city. So, the name Longview Port was established.


Originally the cargo operations involved items like forest products that were exported to Asia. Today the ports handle various kinds of cargo and they are listed below.

  • Wind Energy
  • Steel
  • Pulp
  • Project
  • Paper
  • Mineral
  • Lumber
  • Logs
  • Heavy cargo
  • Grain
  • Fertilizers

Headquarter Address

10 International Way, Longview,
WA 98632
United States


Customer Support

For any shipping related queries, call the customer service of Port of Longview at the below phone number and they will provide the necessary information:

Phone Number: +1 360-425-3305

Website: http://www.portoflongview.com/

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