List of Sea Ports in Norway

A Nordic country in the north of Europe, Norway has a vast coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea. Norway happens to be the second-wealthiest country in the world in terms of monetary value. It has a booming economy and its close proximity to the seas makes it home to many world-class ports. All the ports in this Scandinavian nation are busy and have heavy traffic of ships.

List of Norwegian Sea Ports

1) Port of Tromso

Covering a total land area of 2 million m2 with offices and warehouses covering a total area of 34,500 m2 the Port of Tromso is one of the largest fishing and cruise ports of Norway. The port is also a vital hub for logistics in the high north region. The port offers a wide range of services like tugs, mooring assistance, tools and equipment, ship electronics, subsea services, ship mechanics, hydraulic and more. It’s also a small crafts harbor. The port is also equipped with passenger, cargo, and freezer terminals.

Port Authority:   Tromso Havn KF
Address: Postboks 392, Kirkegata 1, Tromso 9254, Norway
Phone: 47 77 66 18 50
Fax: 47 77 66 18 51

Port of Narvik

An ice-free harbor, well sheltered from the weather, the port of Narvik is crucial to Narvik’s development as a logistics and transport center. As the port doesn’t freeze in the winter, Narvik port emerged as an automatic choice for LKAB. Iron ore is shipped to countries far and wide from the port of Narvik. 18-20 million tonnes of cargo is shipped through this port every year. This port was granted the status of “Motorways of the Sea” in the year 2005.

Port Authority:   Narvik Havn KF
Address: Fagernesveien 2, Postboks 627, Narvik N-8508, Norway
Phone: 47 76 95 03 70
Fax: 47 76 95 03 84

Port of Bodo

The Port of Bodo is centrally located in Norway’s shipping lane and it has been used as both a harbor for fishing as well as general shipping. The port has major expansion plans and a completely new fishing port is coming up. The port is also a transport hub with railway tracks leading all the way to the quay. The port also offers its own trucking service, a wheel loader, a truck with a crane, mowing services and 50 feet harbor boat with a crane as well. The port also receives cruise ships, ferries, and speedboats.

Port Authority: Bodo Havn KF
Address: P. O. Box 138, Bodo N-8001, Norway

Port of Bergen

The Port of Bergen in Western Norway’s most important maritime hub. The port is intended to manage maritime transport that’s environment friendly and efficient. It also seeks to develop and operate ports that are attractive options both regionally and internationally. The port offers many services like an amenity center for visitors on pleasure crafts, freshwater points, waste disposal facilities, chemical waste disposal, hazardous waste recycling, fire protection, WiFi, etc.

Port Authority:   Bergen og Omland
Address: Nestegaten 30, Bergen NO-5010, Norway
Phone: 55 56 89 50
Fax: 55 56 89 86

Port of Haugesund

Located in the Haugesund region, the port of Haugesund named Karmsund Port lies between Bergen and Stavanger, the two largest cities on Norway’s western coastline. The port offers easy road access to the entire southern part of Norway. The port administers its own quays, terminal buildings, land areas, and warehouses and offers these services on a commercial basis. The Port of Karmsund also offers services that include mooring places, water and electricity supply, waste disposal, etc.

Port Authority: Karmsund Havnevesen IKS
Address: Postboks 186, Haugesund 5501, Norway
Phone: 47 52 70 37 50
Fax: 47 52 70 37 69

Port of Stavanger

The main functions of this port for the administers things like goods, offshore, and ferry traffic. Pleasure boat tourism, property management, and entering into collaborations with organizers of festivals and public sector bodies are its other important activities. The port has a central location with regards to Europe. The port sees annual calls at 55,000 making it the largest oil and gas cluster in Northern Europe. The port has 500,000 cruise guests and covers 680,000 m2 land area.

Port Authority:   Stavanger Interkommunale Havn IKS
Address: Nedre Strandgt 51, Stavanger 4001, Norway
Phone: 51 50 12 00
Fax: 51 50 12 22

Port of Oslo

With 50 to 70 ships calling at the port every week, the Port of Oslo is the largest public freight and passenger port in Norway. The Port of Oslo has its head office at Vippetangen and premises at Sjursoya and operates with 100 regular employees. The Oslo Harbor Guard operates all through the day and manages traffic in the sea area of Oslo Municipality. The port also offers excellent drainage and solutions for waste management for the ships that come calling at the port.

Port Authority:   Oslo Port Authority
Address: P.O.Box. 230 Sentrum, Oslo N-0103, Norway
Phone: + 47 23 49 26 00
Fax: +47 23 49 26 01

Port of Drammen

One of Norway’s most efficient goods handling hub, the Port of Drammen is an inter-municipality port owned by Drammen and Lier and Asker municipalities. It’s a logistics and transport hub through which cars, boats, and railways pass and an intermodal port handling goods received through various modes of transport. The port is centrally located serving two million people within a radius of 100 kilometers. The Port of Drammen is counted among Norway’s largest car import port also receiving containers, steel, etc.

Port Authority: Port of Drammen Authority
Address: Hans Kiaersgate 1A, P.O. Box 636, Drammen N – 3003, Norway
Phone: 47 32 20 86 50
Fax: 47 32 20 86 51

Port of Borg

With a large capacity and efficiently managed logistics facilities, the Port of Borg offers easy access to all its facilities. They offer easy cargo handling with short berths for all the boats. The Port of Borg is a major link in Norway’s sea, land, and air network. The port also offers storage areas, both internal and outdoor. It also manages the rentals of many berths with most of them being at Hvaler. The port also offers cruise ship calls under a partnership with the tourism industry.

Port Authority: Borg Havn IKS
Address: Postboks 1205, Oraveien 27, Gamle Fredrikstad 1631, Norway
Phone:  47 69 35 89 00
Fax: 47 69 35 89 20

Port of Flekkefjord

The Port of Flekkefjord is a smaller port mainly meant for fishing trawlers and ferries carrying tourists. It offers basic port facilities like bays and terminals with the usual infrastructure. Being a picturesque location, the port town is a popular destination among tourists. The port authorities here emphasize environmental-friendly operations and are very particular about cutting down on emissions. The port is vital to the economy of the city of Flekkefjord.

Port Authority:   Flekkefjord Havnevesen
Address: Postboks 72, Flekkefjord 4401, Norway
Phone:  47 38 32 18 55

10 Best Sea Ports in Norway

Sl. No.Sea portWebsite
1Port of Tromso

Address: Postboks 392, Kirkegata 1, Tromso 9254, Norway
2Port of Narvik

Address: Fagernesveien 2, Postboks 627, Narvik N-8508, Norway
3Port of Bodo

Address: P. O. Box 138, Bodo N-8001, Norway
4Port of Bergen

Address: Nestegaten 30, Bergen NO-5010, Norway
5Port of Haugesund

Address: Postboks 186, Haugesund 5501, Norway
6Port of Stavanger

Address: Nedre Strandgt 51, Stavanger 4001, Norway
7Port of Oslo

Address: P.O.Box. 230 Sentrum, Oslo N-0103, Norway
8Port of Drammen

Address: Hans Kiaersgate 1A, P.O. Box 636, Drammen N – 3003, Norway
9Port of Borg

Address: Postboks 1205, Oraveien 27, Gamle Fredrikstad 1631, Norway
10Port of Flekkefjord

Address: Postboks 72, Flekkefjord 4401, Norway



Our list of the top sea ports in Norway is a comprehensive compilation meant to give you vital information about them. It saves you the trouble of visiting the individual websites of each of them to know their vital details. Each of these ports is strategically located and is important to Norway’s economy. We hope you find our article useful. We would love to hear from you. Do get in touch with us with your opinion.

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