Malca Amit Online Tracking to Check Delivery Status

The Malca Amit has its own tracking system to check the status of the courier, parcel and shipment. You can also call Malca Amit dedicated customer service to know about the shipment. Malca Amit is a big group of Companies, which consists of global experts. The professionals come from various related fields, such as logistics, security, container, customs house, and professionals from special operations. The professional have worked dedicatedly to make sure smooth, convenient, and professional service, which is tailor-made to the exact needs of its customers. As of now, the Company stands at the forefront of highest innovation in industries.

Malca Amit

The knowledge of its experts and innovative qualities has brought amazing breakthroughs in the world of transportation. As it has set up offices and affiliates around the world, the technology driven functioning of the Company has made it a famous organization in the world of logistics.

Services Offering

Jet service – When it comes to urgent shipments, Malca Amit could enable top-value and highly urgent shipments to get shipped and delivered in a matter of few hours in the European nations. The Company could make the shipment catch the next available flight in order to get delivered at the top speed.

Excellent vaulting and warehousing facilities –  At places like Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Toronto, New York, and Zurich, the Company provides vaulting facilities for the safe-keeping of valuable shipments.

Inspection Services –  Malca Amit is also famous as a storage partner for the renowned banks, diamond and gems jewelers, and financial institutions. The Company maintains world-class-vaults in the tax-free zones, where the clients could visit to visit their valuables stored in the ultra secure gadgets.

Track your Malca Amit Shipment Online

If you have sent any goods using Malca Amit then real time tracking will be easy since they have their web portal system from where customers can track and trace the shipment. You just need Shipment number for Malca Amit tracking, and it will show the current status of your goods.

The clients could log on online and know the exact status of their consignments passing in the transit. For this, they need to do the following;

  • Enter your reference number above.
  • Click on “find” next.
  • This would give them the exact status of their consignments in transit.

This system can also use to track the container of Malca Amit.

Customer Service

If you are not able to track your existing Mala Amit shipment, then you can contact to the customer care using below number.

  • Canada: +1-416-362-9643
  • China: +86-21-6109-0668
  • France: +33-1426-10736
  • Germany: +49-2203-9616-619
  • India: +91-22-2654-4400
  • South Afrcia: +27 (011) 334-8877
  • USA: +1-972-600-2273 / 212-840-8330

Make sure to keep your Shipment number ready while calling to Malca-Amit customer service, so that they can update you about the current status of your shipment.

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