Van Kam Freightways Online Tracking to Check Delivery Status

The Van-Kam Freightways Ltd given an online tracking system to check courier, consignment, transportation status in real time. Use Waybill or customer service number to check delivery status. Van Kam is the regular supplier of less-than-truckload and truckload services to British Columbia and Alberta, Eastern Canada, and the continental United States. Right from the beginning, it has stayed a customized solution giver in logistics to parties from all over the world. As its staff has the complete grasp over the complexities in transportation business, they could respond to the needs of their clients in quick and responsible manner.

Van Kam Freightways Ltd

Literally speaking, Van Kam has always stayed partners-in-growth to its clients and taken care of their complex needs in logistics and transportation. As a matter of fact, the Company has looked for ways to improve its services so as to maximize its returns from its services.

Services Available

Less-than-truckload – For those needing less-than-truckload (LTL) services, Van Kam has regional as well as multi-regional services. In its regional LTL services, it touches more destinations than its competitors of its place. As a matter of fact, helped by its regional partner carriers, it delivers to almost all the communities in British Columbia and Alberta maximum within 1-3 days.

Truckload service – Van Kam shifts truckload dry van consignments in entire British Columbia and Alberta.  It also has cross-border transportation facilities to Washington, Oregon, and California.

Dangerous goods transportation – Van Kam Freight carrier does the transportation of all types of dangerous goods to the service points situated in British Columbia. The drivers and warehouse personnel are completely trained in handling dangerous materials.

Temperature controlled transportation – Van Kam has at its disposal huge number of reefer units and this could give full protection to heating equipments. The specialized equipments installed by it make sure right air flow and control of temperature. You could become confident of the expertise of its experts in the transportation of delicate and perishable commodities.

Track your Van Kam Freightways Online

They have developed their own online track-and-trace system.  You can use Van Kam tracking page to know the shipment status. For this, you will have to follow below steps:

  • Log on to its homepage
  • Quick track” is available on the right side of the page.
  • Mention “probill number”.
  • Click on “quick track” button on the right side
  • You would get the updated status of your consignment here.

Dedicated Customer Support

The Van Kam Freightways Ltd has its in-house customer support team. If you have any queries related to dispatch, delivery status or complaint, then you can use below helpline numbers:

  • Customer Service Number: 604-587-9826
  • Toll Free Number: 1888-229-9889
  • For Dispatch Related Query: 604-587-9888

Headquarter Address

Van Kam Freightways Ltd
10155 Grace Road
Surrey, BC V3V 3V7

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