KMTC Container Tracking using B/L or Booking number

Korea Marine Transport Co. Ltd. (KMTC) has its own container tracking facility to check vessel status. Today the KMTC achieved the tag of the best intra-Asia shipping company. It is based in Seoul, South Korea. It became the first-ever company to introduce full container services in Japan. KMTC was founded in the year 1954. Presently, it is the best known Korean marine transportation company. Over a 60 year period, KMTC is known for consistency and quality. It has expanded its vessel fleets to enlarge its boundaries to deliver customer satisfaction.


How to Track KMTC Container Online

To track the schedule the client has to fill the details of the point of origin and destination. Then the client has to enter the date. Clients can also avail the speed inquiry service. You have to enter the B/L number of your container.

In order to track the container, you can enter

  • Go to the tracking page using the below form.
  • Enter either¬†B/L No. or Container no. or Booking number by choosing the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Track button, it will show the current status of the shipment.
Enter Korea Marine Transport Number

You can also login with your user id and password.

How to Check by Calling Customer Service

If you do not want to check it online, then give a call to KMTC customer support to check the status of container or shipment:

  • China: +86-21-6309-8390
  • Hong Kong: +852-2534-5618
  • India: +91-044-4051-9954
  • Indonesia: +62-21-2911-0909
  • UAE: +971-4-359-4888

About KMTC

KMTC has branch offices situated in many strategic points in Korea and Japan. It conducts logistics operations through 16 ports of China. The firm is known for efficient container handling and vessel operations. KMTC is equipped with a fleet of 41 vessels and 74,637 TEU’s. You can get technical details of any shipping vessel using the link

KMTC Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9665695KMTC MUMBAI20145,40065,156255
9723928KMTC DUBAI20155,38065,072254.9
9235593KMTC QINGDAO20032,82439,384222.1
9315886HAYLING ISLAND20052,82439,187222.17
9282273KMTC PORT KELANG20041,86028,473187.3
9274202KMTC SHANGHAI20041,86028,499187.3
9217412KMTC SINGAPORE20011,62620,530171.7
9217424KMTC JAKARTA20011,62620,541171.7
9131864KMTC ULSAN19971,58521,069168.5
9157741KMTC KEELUNG19981,58520,962168.6

Types of containers of KMTC.

  1. Dry( General purpose)
  2. Refrigerated containers
  3. Open Top containers
  4. Flat Rack container
  5. Super Rack container

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