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Finnlines, owned by Finnish forest industry and trade sector was founded in 1947. Later, the passenger related services were launched in 1962. Today the Finnlines company provides 170 weekly freight departures and 80 passenger departures. Its headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland. With its continual progress, its efficiency has really reached great heights. Its passenger ships operate between Finland to Germany and also in the route connecting Åland Islands to Sweden. Finnlines hires a talent pool of 1600 people from about 7 Nations for its various operations. Anyone who wants to be a part of the exciting team can submit his personal and job-related information.


Many innovations were adopted over the years. The gas turbine vessel Finnjet was introduced in 1970’s. Then the jumbo ro-ro vessel known as Arcturus was introduced in 1982. New ro-pax vessels like Finntide and Finnwave were added in 2006. Apart from infrastructure development, the company has also invested in environmental technology. After sustainable measures like propulsion upgrades and silicone anti-fouling were introduced, ship efficiency has improved a great deal.

Services offered

Finnlines is a main provider of ro-ro and passenger services. Goods transported include semi-trailers, lorries, containers, agricultural machines, boats, forest and steel industry products etc. Freight movements are named according to the route. TransRussia Express refers to the route connecting Germany and Russia. The other shipments are named Finnlink and Nordolink.

Tracking Finnlines Shipment

Once goods are sent using Finnlines container or freight, then it can be track by giving a call to the customer care number +44-1482-377-655. Clients can post freight-related inquiries by providing basic details like goods’ descriptions, route, estimated shipment time, address and contact information and send it to The customer support team will provide the shipment and estimated delivery date via email.


Following are the main features of Finnlines:
1. High frequency of departures
2. Cargo capacity
3. Information services
4. Flexibility
5. Reliability
6. High degree of Capacity utilization/Operational efficiency
7. Sustainability measures
8. Generating concrete added value

Head Office Address

Finhumber House, Queen Elizabeth Dock
Hedon Road, HULL
Pin Code- HU9 5PB
United Kingdom

Customer Support

Phone Number: +44-1482-377-655

  • Email Id:
  • Website:

Finnlines Container Ships:

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9672088GRANDE LAGOS2014180031340236.3
9680712GRANDE ABIDJAN2015180030801236.3
9672090GRANDE TEMA2014180031340236.3
9672105GRANDE COTONOU2015180031340236.3
9253210GRANDE BUENOS AIRES2004132126169214
9130937GRANDE AMERICA1997132127965214
9246580GRANDE NIGERIA2003132126169214
9246607GRANDE AMBURGO2003132127492214
9253208GRANDE SAN PAOLO2003132126169214
9130949GRANDE AFRICA1998130227965214
9130951GRANDE ATLANTICO1999130227965213.9
9343168GRANDE GHANA200980025000210
9437907GRANDE MAROCCO201080024400214
9343156GRANDE ANGOLA200880026881210
9138422REPUBBLICA DEL BRASILE199880023882206
9465382GRANDE COSTA D’AVORIO201180024800210.92
9437945GRANDE SIERRA LEONE201180024400211
9138410REPUBBLICA ARGENTINA199880023882206
9437919GRANDE GUINEA201080025799214
9143702GRAN BRETAGNA199971618360181.2

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