CNC Line Shipment Tracking

Cheng Lie Navigation Company is a famous fully integrated company of the CMA CGM group. Familiar everywhere as CMC, the Company became a brand of APL Co. Pvt. Ltd in January 2019. As its expertise lies mainly in Asia, it has stayed focused on effective services to its customers. The Company has introduced in its services an efficient cargo booking system as well as a tracking tool. Its praiseworthy service to carry perishable commodities through reefer containers has placed it in the list of the best-rated companies in the world. It has located its head office in Singapore and controls the entire Asian continent from there.

CNC Line Container

CNC Line Services

Containers  – As innovation is key to its functioning, it has always tried to deliver the best service through its complete range of containers.  To give the best of supply chain management, it has associated with Traxens to give deliveries of materials through the dry container, which is equipped with the best connective technology. The technology equipped by the Company is capable of giving all the related real-time data about the containers in transit.

Care for Cargo – CNC makes sure that the booked materials through its services reach the destination in “zero’ damage condition. For this, it makes the best application of the right packaging of the commodity, perfectly-fitting containers, and correct labeling on the packed materials.

Reefer service – As its capability lies best in carrying the fragile and sensitive goods, it has in its possession the best reefer containers. The reefer containers could carry all such perishable goods like medicines, food products, and other delicate items.

Dangerous Cargo – CNC also has the capability to carry forward dangerous cargo. But it makes sure that it abides by the international guidelines and carries the goods strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Tracking CNC Line

Once the goods are sent using CNC Line Container then online tracking can be used to track and trace the shipment.

CNC Tracking

All you need is the Container or Booking Number or BL number to track. You can go to this page and check your shipment status. Mention your reference number and then click on the Search button then. You would get the latest position of your booked consignments in transit.

Head Office Address

Office No- 9 North Buona Vista Drive
#03-01 The Metropolis, Tower 1
Pin Code – 138588

Customer Support

•   Telephone Number: 65-6278-9000
•   Fax Number: 65-6278-4900
•   Email:
•   Website:

CNC Line Container Ships

Here is the list of container ships used by CNC Line Company:

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9632765KOTA MEGAH20133,56645,349221.16
9309289MARIA SCHULTE20063,53442,141231
9329629PHILIPPA SCHULTE20063,40042,164230.94
9341122ALDI WAVE20082,82439,337222.17
9294185IRENES RESPECT20062,82439,418222.15
9360257PROTOSTAR N20072,70037,904221.75
9374583MERATUS TOMINI20072,70038,012215.29
9308417JEJU ISLAND20062,70037,882221.69
9792620SKY CHALLENGE20141,90021,860172.13
9331086YM INSTRUCTION20071,80522,027172.7
9802023PANCON CHAMPION20171,78521,810172.2
9625918SAN GIORGIO20131,75624,157170
9516741HANSA LUDWIGSBURG2011174023,305175
9309150HEUNG-A GREEN2005174023,395175.52
9435246HANSA FALKENBURG20081,74023415175.49
9796511KUO LIN20171,73023483169.946
9230775GDYNIA TRADER20011,72822,968184.04
9412816WHITE DRAGON20071,70821,976171.99
9444950IS CHINA20081,70821,908171.99
9363156MAX KUDO20081,70023,844182.52
9760586MOUNT BUTLER20161,70023,504169.98
9761449GUANGZHOU TRADER20161,70021,785171.92
9219252ST. MARY20011,67921,579168.8
9367542HAPPY BEE20061,57721,413171.99
9194490IBN AL ABBAR19991,56024,376183.21
9133331KAMA BHUM19971,49821,800171.41
9172313KUO CHANG19991,29518,618168.77
9172301KUO CHIA19981,29518,622168.77
9255529SENTOSA TRADER20021,07816,794154.025
9104990ZHONG LIAN HAI XIA19951,01212,380149.5
9492751CONTSHIP ECO20087529,907124.5

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