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Check the Yang Ming cargo container tracking using booking and bill number. Check latest status of your shipment with customer care contact number.  The full name of company is Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation which is one of the highly regarded shipping companies in the world. It was established on December 28, 1972. Over decades of experience, Yang Ming has dedicated its company to the core values of teamwork, innovation, honesty and pragmatism. This has allowed them to enhance their transporting expertise and their service quality. They are committed to provide global and a sophisticated line of marine transportation services. It is the high quality of services that sets it apart and with a vast network of shipping routes; they are surely leading the logistics services in the world.Yang Ming Shipping Line Tracking

Yang Ming Line Container Tracking

At a time the Yang Ming (YML) container tracking can be used to check maximum 12 shipping status by entering the container / bill / booking number. With the changing times and the advent of technology, Yang Ming has introduced the facility to online track your cargo. This gives you the privilege to track your container anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.

Just provide provide the necessary details that have been asked in below screen. Make sure that the information you provide are right and genuine to get the perfect result. Simply go to the home page Yangming.com and click on Track & Trace; from there you can check the status of cargo and container in real time.

Yang Ming Online Tracking option

Here are some of the qualities that Yang Ming provides:

High Quality Services

Yang Ming marvels in providing high quality services by maintaining punctuality, speediness, reliability and affordable and economic services. It values honesty, pragmatism and innovation over everything else. Honesty gives them the power to deal with their customer with decency, allowing them to form a strong bond that lasts fro generations. Practicality comes natural as they for reliable and realistic approach to logistics. And they have invested a lot of money in innovating their company, keeping up with the developing technologies and attain perfection and professionalism in the process.

Expanding Shipping Services

Yang Ming is constantly expanding its logistics services in order to meet the growing demand of its customers. As of may 2017, Yang Ming has expanded to maintain a fleet of 98 vessels with a 6-million-D.W.T / operating capacity along with 590 thousand TEUS. It focuses on container ships and marks it as their main service force. With such a fleet, Yang Ming have succeeded in bringing to its customers the best in the freight services.

Yang Ming Customer Care Number

Website: YangMing.com

Head Office

Office at : 271 Ming De 1st Road
Located at : Cidu District
City : Keelung
Country : Taiwan
Zip Code : 20646

Contact Number :  02-2455-9988

Branch Office


Contact Number : 022-6622-1111


Contact Number : 065-6372-4648


Contact Number : 03-3051-8888

Sri Lanka

Contact Number : 011-258-7122


Contact Number : 021-6120-6166


Contact Number : 0431-728-3484

United Kingdom

Contact Number : 01708- 776-900

Yang Ming Cargo Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9708459YM WELCOME201614,0001,45,730368
9708473YM WREATH201714,0001,45,784368
9708473YM WREATH201714,0001,45,784368
9684665YM WELLHEAD201513,8921,45,560368.04
9337482YM UNIFORM20098,6261,03,646333.2
9462691YM UNIFORMITY20128,6261,03,235333.2
9337444YM UBERTY20088,6261,03,614333.238
9462720YM UPSURGENCE20128,6261,03,235333.2
9337456YM UTOPIA20088,6261,03,614333.238
9337937XIN FEI ZHOU20088,5301,02,379335.1
9302619YM UNITY20068,2001,01,411335.7
9293753CONTI CORTESIA20058,0841,00,863333.99
9312767SM BUSAN20076,65580,855304
9660011YM MOVEMENT20136,25872,370293.18
9664897YM MODERATION20146,25872,370293.18
9200706CONTI STOCKHOLM20005,61868,819278.84
9327798LOS ANGELES TRADER20075,52767,797276.2
9236535YM PORTLAND20034,44458,254286.3
9622318KOTA LEMBAH20134,33551,822265.29
9360910YM SEATTLE20074,25350,813260.05
9450595YM KEELUNG20094,25350,500260
9443580YM ANTWERP20084,25350,500260
9294886WAN HAI 50620053,86652,146268.8
9243186ST LOUIS EXPRESS20023,23740,478243.4
9330549TRF KAYA20072,82439,337222.16
9571296NEW HAMPSHIRE TRADER20112,75841,411212.54
9308390AS CONSTANTINA20052,70037,883221.69
9436185CAPE NABIL20101,74023,550175.44
9301263YM HORIZON20051,50019,104168.8
9301275YM HEIGHTS20051,50019,104168.8
9392913LANTAU BREEZE20081,04912,780142.7
9202895MERATUS GORONTALO19991,00517,791161.85

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