Samsara Shipping Container Tracking

In its 25th year of operation, Samsara Shipping – a part of the prestigious Samsara Group – is one of the most respected & trusted names in the domain of Indian shipping. The company offers an entire range of global shipping and related services. With its presence across 80 locations all over India, Samsara Shipping is among the best poised to provide a seamless shipping experience for its clients’ cargo.

Samsara Shipping

Samsara Shipping has a staff strength of more than 500. Every one of them is suitably qualified and trained rigorously on a regular basis to allow them to stay updated on the prevailing best practices in the shipping industry. This, in turn, allows them to provide flawless services to the EXIM community.

The company has a simple but profound mission – to provide the best possible services to its customers in a professional manner, without compromising on ethics & transparency. Samsara considers itself as the business partner of its clients and takes likewise care of the customers’ cargo. With substantial investments in technology, the company makes a very good job of timely & accurate delivery of the customers’ shipments to any corner of the globe.

Samsara Shipping  Services

As a premier shipping company with global outreach, Samsara Shipping has a wide range of services to offer to its customers. These services are of top quality and have fetched the company many awards over the years. Some of the major ones are:

Container Line Services – Samsara Shipping acts as the Indian agent of some of the globally renowned container carriers. It makes these containers available to Indian shippers without any hassles. The containers are available every day across all the major ports of India.

Bulk and Tramp Services – Samsara Shipping has been into bulk & tramp services since 2002. Some of the major global bulk owners and charterers have selected Samsara Shipping as their agents in India. Clients can avail of the services of these carriers through Samsara to ship commodities like iron ore, coal, Agri products, fertilizers, and more.

ISO Tanks and Flexi Tanks – ISO tanks are tanks equipped with cutting-edge technology that’s essential to carry dangerous commodities like chemicals, hazardous materials, etc. Lots of safety norms need to be adhered to as part of international regulations. Samsara, with its extensive experience in this domain, ensures that all the formalities are completed without glitches. Samsara also provides flexitank services to carry non-hazardous commodities like natural oils, fruit juices, wines, lubricants, etc.

Project Cargo – Samsara is well-equipped to handle various kinds of project cargo, with the help of machinery like heavy lift trucks, cranes, lighters, etc. – for both overland & sea movements. 

Tracking Samsara Shipping Container

With the most updated technology at its disposal, Samsara Shipping’s customers don’t have to worry about tracking their shipment. You must have received the tracking number at the time of booking the container. That number can be used to track the shipment, here are the steps:

1) Note down your container or tracking number

2) Send the detail to

3) You may expect to get the shipment delivery status in 2 business days.

Another way to track your Samsara Shipping Container is to give a call to customer care at +91-22-67579500. And they will provide instant shipment status over the phone itslef.

Headquarter Address

Samsara Shipping Pvt. Ltd
102, Technopolis Knowledge Park,
Mahakali Caves Road, Chakala, Andheri (E)
Mumbai – 400 093

Customer Support

For queries related to shipping or complaint, Samsara Shipping has set up its own customer care department that is available over a phone call or via email.

Telephone : +(91)-(22)-67579500/66965000
Fax :+(91)-(22)-67573538/67579599

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