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United Arab Shipping Company abbreviated as UASC offering its container shipping services from Dubai, UAE. Started in 1976, today the customers can use the tracking system to find the container location and status using official website online. Today the United Arab Shipping Company  is an international shipping company with 185 offices distributed throughout the world. UASC belongs to the Middle East and was founded in 1976. Over the years it has expanded its presence through reliability and commitment to quality. Today it has emerged as the largest shipping line in the Middle East and adjacent belt. To avail its services and latest features, one needs to access the official website.
UASC Shipping Company, Dubai UAE

United Arab Shipping Container Tracking system

UACS portal provides three options using which one can track the status of consignment delivery. User must have shipping booking number to check the status of UACS container:

  1. Go to the Tracking page of UASC
  2. Enter the Booking Number
  3. Let ‘HLCU’ as it is under Bill of Landing No. tab
  4. Click on Find button and it will show the current status of container on same page.

UASC online tracking page

Official Website: http://www.uasc.net

Vessel Schedules: http://www.uasc.net

Customer Care Number:

USA: +1-972-550-0595/ +1-781-794-2925

Bangkok: +66-2-6854200

Japan Helpline Number: +81-93-3310687

If above tracking system will not work then users are advised to go to the official website to check the status of container.

Services Provided
Spread across many nations and serving 240 prime seaports, UACS provides multitude of services such as

  • Full Container Load(FCL) shipping
  • Less than Container (LCL) Shipping
  • Special container
  • Bulk services

Similar services are offered by other shipping companies like PBI Shipping, and Kattupalli Port and offering their services across the globe.

In addition, the firm provides many value added services for fostering better relations with its customers. It’s features include provision of consolidation services and shipping insurance to customers. It also provides shipping documents and truck freight. In its latest developments, UACS has incorporated an environment friendly approach.

Through constant impetus on technological innovation, UACS strives to maintain a diversified client base. It’s latest project is the launching of ultra large container ships in the shipping industry. Such well designed gigantic vessels are compatible with hybrid fuel usage. Hence apart from heavy fuel oil, LNG fuel is acceptable for their operation. This lowers environmental impact along with fuel costs incurred during transportation. As a part of its current project, UASC is also engaged in technologically advanced building programs. It has boosted its infrastructural capacity by adding 17000 new vessels to the list. These constitute 18,800 TEU and 11,000 TEU container ships.

United Arab Shipping Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9708825AL DAHNA201618,8001,99,744400
9708863AL MURAYKH201518,8001,99,744400
9732333UMM QARN201614,5001,49,360368
9667186THALASSA AXIA201413,8001,52,344368.43
9525900MALIK AL ASHTAR201213,2961,45,527366
9525924AL QIBLA201213,2961,45,237366
9314234CSCL ZEEBRUGGE20079,5721,11,737336.7
9314222XIN HONG KONG20079,5721,11,746336.7
9307229CSCL PUSAN20069,5721,11,737336
9699127UASC ZAMZAM20149,0341,12,171299.92
9710220UASC AL KHOR20159,0001,11,029299.95
9299630CMA CGM NABUCCO20068,4881,01,810334.07
9466984NORTHERN JUPITER20108,4001,08,622332.74
9349497AL SAFAT20086,92185,437306
9349538AL MANAMAH20086,92185,517306
9152272AL RAIN19983,80249,844276.5
9315862IRENES RELIANCE20052,82439,396222.17
9501772BELGIAN EXPRESS20101,79425,775179.7

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