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Trapac is an established container terminal operator. It has been in operation for 30 years. Its headquarters are in Wilmington, California. The other terminals are at busy venues like Los Angeles and Oakland. Trapac strives to achieve customer loyalty through progressive technological integration and service expansion. In addition, the company emphasizes on providing a safe working environment.


Every year, about 1.5 million TEU’s of import and export cargos are taken care by Trapac. Goods shipped include refrigerated products to automobile parts. Trapac has received 6 safety rewards from illustrious companies. Recently, Trapac has launched a new terminal in Jacksonville. It is actively supporting local youth robotics competition.

Trapac is the first-ever company in California that has implemented automated truck handling systems apart from on-dock rail and customs scanning. It aims to continue mobilizing cargo through its terminals quickly and safely. In order to augment productivity along with safety, the Los Angeles terminal uses both electric and hybrid automated straddle carriers. Besides, it uses automatic stacking cranes and rail-mounted gantry cranes for on-dock rail.

Employees are provided with accident prevention and response training. The driver is provided a designated lane number. The booth has a sensor to keep the crane operator informed of the driver’s entry. TraPac’s terminal facilitates safer and efficient services. When the container gets unloaded from a vessel, the container number gets scanned into the Electronic document interchange(EDI). Thus the shipper gets the benefit of checking the pickup status directly with the terminal. The firm provides 24 x 7 on-site security at each of its terminal locations. The sites are provided with a patrolling facility via state of the art camera.

Services Offering

  1. Terminal operations
  2. Integrated customs scanning
  3. Premium services
  4. Sustainability programs like truck traffic mitigation

How to Track Trapac Container Consignment

The Trapac has three Terminal which are Los Angeles, Oakland, and Jacksonville. And the Transpac has given its tracking system for an individual terminal.

Customers will have to first choose the Terminal from Los Angeles, Oakland, and Jacksonville and then will have to check the transaction type like Inbound or Outbound. And then will have to enter the email ID and it will hos the current shipment status.

Trapac Container Tracking

For this, follow below-given steps:

  1. Go to this page of Trapac.
  2. Choose your Terminal.
  3. Now select the transaction type.
  4. Enter your registered email ID and it will show the container shipment status.

For any other queries can call the customer support team using the number (310)830-2000.

Unique Features

  1. First Californian terminal operator to start automated truck handling systems.
  2. The first company to collaborate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection for moving containers through the radiation portal monitoring system.
  3. High-level on-site security with quality camcorders.
  4. Continuous advent to modernise terminal operations.
  5. High-quality safety and incidence response training for staff

Head Quarter Address

TraPac, LLC
P.O. Box 1178
CA 90748-1178

Customer Support

Telephone Number: 877-387-2722

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