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As an international container shipping service provider, Seth Shipping is a leader in logistics and transportation market. Seth Shipping has spread its network to every place in Seychelles and now, it gives its customers with dependable and optimized routes. The Company has in-depth experience about the industry and complete knowledge about the market help it to stay ahead in competition. When logistics is a tough area in every type of business, Seth shipping has innovated a lot to fit into the ever changing demands of industries for their logistics. When it comes to containerized shipping, the Company has come up with various services like shipping through reefer, flat, or general containers. The containers could take all types of cargoes and make them reach their destination safely.

Seth Shipping


Dry Cargo–  Being a pioneer in shipping through containers, it has remained a front-runner in shipping dry cargo. To add to it, it has the flexible and unique services to cater to all types of requirements.  Over the years, it has developed the unique capacity to transport the all types of dry cargoes. Be it the big-screen television or foot-ball jerseys, the Company could transport with complete ease and convenience. It makes use of the best in technology right from the time, the cargo gets booked by the client until it reaches the destination. It makes it a point that the cargo reaches the final destination in perfect condition.

Reefer Cargo–  Seth shipping has the unique capacity to deliver reefer cargo like medicine or fruits through its refrigerated containers. As refrigerated cargo requires constant temperature monitoring and care under experts’ supervision, the Company has developed great efficiency in transportation of such items to the most distant places. The Company keeps it constant source of support during the shipping and transportation of reefer cargo.

Customer Service

The Seth Shipping committed to provide excellent customer services using its own customer support team. They have their own customer support team to provide fast support.

Head Office

Office at 1st Floor Allied Plaza
Francis Rachel Street
P.O. Box 1289,
Victoria MAHE,

Customer Care Number: +852-2598-5350

Fax No: +852 2519-9005

Email ID:

Container Tracking

Customers who used Seth Shipping company services to send goods can use tracking system to know the status. Also the Seth Shipping has its dedicated customer care to provide up to date status of the shipment.

In case if the tracking system of Seth Shipping hang or not showing result then drop an email to the suppport team at WEBSUPPORT@HK.STARCONT.COM

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