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MSKU (Maersk) has stayed in the shipping business for more than half a century.  It has spread its operations across Africa and stayed very active in the business of transportation. With its long presence and knowledge about every part of Africa, the Company has become a champion in giving the best logistical services.  The Company has won the trust of the communities in Africa and helped them to ship and market the most beautiful flowers from Ghana. Over the years, the Company has changed the destinies of millions of women from the underprivileged parts of Africa by giving them employment and marketing their commodities.

MSKU Shipping Company

Services available

  1. Shipping & Cargo shipment services – irrespective of their background, almost all the industries in Africa prefer Maersk to other shipping companies as the former gives the solutions to grow their businesses. As the Company gives its clients frequent departures for carriage in all the trade lanes and inland locations, it becomes very easy for the marketers to send their cargoes and sell.
  2. Ocean transport services – Being the globe’s biggest container shipping company, Maersk makes use of around 12 million containers in a year and sends it to every part of the world.
  3. Inland services – Besides ocean and other services, the Company also provides services by truck, barge, and rail to transport the cargo from the factory floor to the door of the seller.
  4. Eco Delivery – As the newest innovation of Maersk, the Company makes use of sustainable bio-fuel to give an enormous reduction in carbon level in the atmosphere.
  5. Remote Container Management – As a praise-worthy innovation in refrigerated technology; it has created remote container management to control the conditions inside the container right from the place of origin to destination.
  6. Cargo and Financial management services – As one of the leading integrated logistics providers in the world, this Company provides the best financial and compensation solutions to help the supply chain needs of a client from one end to another.
  7. Digital solutions – The Company has introduced digital solutions like online tracking, digital payment making, and submission of verified Gross Mass Information, and many more facilities. This has helped its clients to transact faster and get all the desired services.

Tracking MSKU Container

In order to track the position of your MSKU container or cargo, please take the following steps;

  1. Get your Container or Transport Document number ready
  2. Enter the number carefully without any space
  3. Click on the “search” button next.
  4. You would get the most updated status of your consignment in transit.

MSKU  Head Office Address:

Office No- 6 Rosetta Rd, Morningside
Durban, 4001, South Africa

Customer Support

The MSKU Shipping company given its customer service number that can be used for new booking or query  regarding existing shipment:

Phone Number: +27 31 336 7700

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