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As a Company of the “CMA CGM” group, ECMU has a grand history of maritime transport and logistics. With its continuous experience for decades, the Company has developed unique solutions for its clients for their business needs. With its formidable presence in 160 nations, the Company has set up 750 warehouses. With its employees’ strength of 1, 10,000 and 509 vessels, ECMU has unmatched potential to serve the top clients throughout the world. To add to it, its services reach up to 420 of the 521 commercial ports, situated all over the world.

Services available

Exemplary Logistics development – As it takes care of client’s logistics from one end to the other, it puts maximum emphasis on the simplification and optimization of shipping through containers and transportation in order to take care of their supply-chain.

Innovation and digitalization of the process – As a Company, it has continued to add values to its products. It has also continued to add the best of eco-technology to its and given its customers an outstanding shipping experience.

Best expertise from its experts – It has trained its personnel and trained them to handle the intricacies during the shipping of all types of materials. It has also brought changes in its organization to rise to challenging situations during the process of shifting.

Customer-centric approach – It pays the highest importance to its clients in dealing with all types of critical matters of shipping.   Literally speaking, its clients have become its partners in all the past years of growth.

High-class warehousing and storage – It has 750 warehouses and 9 million square meters of storage space. It could store up to 1.9 million tons of ground freight in the warehouses for days and even for months.  To add to it, it could even store 0.5 million tons of air freight for any period.

Tracking ECMU Container 

The customer must have the Reference number in order to track ECMU container. Please take the following steps to track and trace and know the status of your consignments in transit.

ECMU Container tracking portal

  1. Get your container number, booking number, or bill of lading number ready
  2. Go to the official page
  3. Enter the number carefully
  4. Click on the “search” button on the right.
  5. You would get the correct position of the container in transit.

This will show the current shipment status. Otherwise, you may call to customer service of ECMU at +33 (0)4 88 91 90 00 to know the container shipment status.

Head Office Address

Office No-4, Quai d’Arenc
Zip code-13235 Marseille
Cedex 02, France

Customer Support

For any queries related to shipment or new booking or complaint, you may call ECMU customer care number and they will assist you accordingly:

  • Phone Number: +33 (0)4 88 91 90 00
  • Fax Number: +33 (0)4 88 91 90 95
  • Email Id:
  • Website:

CMA CGM Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9702132CMA CGM KERGUELEN2015177220398
9702144CMA CGM GEORG FORSTER2015177220398
9454450CMA CGM JULES VERNE2013160200396
9399208CMA CGM LEO2010112000363
9399210CMA CGM PEGASUS2010112000363
9356294CMA CGM THALASSA2008109800347
9317963CMA CGM BLUE WHALE200750780294.1
9348704 CMA CGM FLORIDA200850780294.1
9351139 CMA CGM VIRGINIA200850780294.1
9326770 CMA CGM JAMAICA200642980264
9295971 LAJA200640430267.7
9295969 LONTUE200640430267.7
9125607 VILLE D’AQUARIUS199639610259.35
9189160 ALIANCA HAMBURGO200017300184.7
9412787 CALA PAGURO200715770172
7408689 FORT ROYAL197915120210
8315190 ROSA BLANCA198514460185
8901638 KATHRINE SIF19909750133.7
9365972 FLINTERCOAST20088090141.6
9064700 VANESSA19945990120
8420426 FRANZ19872500126
9729075 CMA CGM RODOLPHE2017000
9299812 CMA CGM NORMA200694150349

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