Borchard Lines Container Tracking

Borchard Group of Companies is one of the oldest European liner shipping companies. The Borchard  Lines shipping services began as early as in 1933. It is based in London, Great Britain. Over the years, it has expanded its international presence with branches spread out across the globe. It has a fleet of about 28,000 TEU. It’s operations are spread out over North Europe, West Mediterranean, Adriatic, Bosporous and West Coast UK. The port of networks has expanded quite recently with the addition of Casablanca and Castellon. To book an order, a client must get in touch with Liverpool office through telephonic media or via email.

Borchard Lines Tracking

Borchard Lines Ltd

Borchard Lines Ltd provided online tracking solution to check container delivery status. Also use customer care and email ID of Borchards to inquire.

Tracking through phone service

Clients can track shipment status through telephonic communication by calling the Borchard Lines port agents on +44 20 7628 6961. Make sure to call in between 9 AM to 6 PM.

Tracking via email

Clients can track status of expected order by sending an e-mail to

About Borchard Lines Ltd

The firm believes in reliability, regularity, values and delivering high service quality. Borchard has introduced faster vessel operation schemes for ensuring quicker delivery to client. The unit activities are efficiently monitored. There is constant focus on equipment standards and technological innovation. The vessels are supported by advanced engines contributing to fuel efficiency and reduction of gaseous emissions. For its commitment to quality standards, Borchard Group is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Borchard Lines Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9212010RACHEL BORCHARD20001,21615,317158.7
9212022CHARLOTTE BORCHARD20001,21615,299158.69
9212034RUTH BORCHARD20001,21615,313158.72
9354466EMILY BORCHARD200686811,272134.4
9354454JOANNA BORCHARD200686811,271134.4
9436197SUSAN BORCHARD20108039,298140.64
9436202MIRIAM BORCHARD20108039,300140.59
9336294LOUISE BORCHARD20066728,238132.6
9390824LUCY BORCHARD20066728,238132.6

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