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Ameya Logistics is a committed Container Freight station (CFS) with a globalised market presence. It was set up in 2007. It is a joint venture of CMA CGM SA of France, the 3rd largest shipping firm with Maritime & Commerce, an experienced shipping company. It is an ISO 9001:2008 firm which complies with norms of Customs -Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT).

Ameya Logistics & Shipping Company

Ameya Logistics works in association with major shipping lines and container fleet operators. It’s centres are distributed all over India. It is a portal for serving versatile logistics needs. It believes in delivering cost effective, flexible, customer specific and efficient services.There is utmost priority on ‘simplified container movement’.

How to Track Ameya Logistics Online

Ameya Logistics online form for tracking container

Ameya Logistics provides clients with the Online container Tracker system, based on radio frequency identification technology.

  • To check the shipment status – visit
  • Customer will have to enter IGM: ITEM or Container Number
  • Enter required details and click on ‘Locate’ button.
  • It will show the current status of the shipment on next page.

Tracking Shipment via Customer Support

Clients can inquire about company operations or get notified regarding the status of shipment using the direct help desk number +91-9152085819.

Tracking via Ameya Logistics Email id

To know status of consignment, clients can opt for email communication. The helpdesk email id is

About Ameya Logistics Company

The firm believes in providing top quality shipment services and long term customer relationship building. Many of its clients are prominent MNC’s. There is huge impetus on adoption of advanced technology and equipments into the process. Skilled employees are recruited for cargo handling. Ameya Logistics CFS provides host of cargo handling and distribution capabilities to its highly valued clientele.

Clients are provided all kinds of services including cargo stuffing and de stuffing, storage, container repair and maintenance, Electronic data interchange(EDI) services and RFID enabled online container tracking.

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