List of Sea Ports in Finland

Wanted to know the top Sea Ports of Finland with their contact number and address? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. Located in Europe’s north, Finland is a Nordic country. It has the Gulf of Bothnia in its west and the Gulf of Finland in the south, both a part of the Baltic Sea. With Finland’s landmass jutting into the Baltic Sea, the nation is home to many important ports.

Finland sea ports

List of Top 10 seaports in Finland

Port of Hamina

This port is among the biggest sea ports of Finland. It acts as a vital hub in all of Europe and the Baltic Sea region. There are regular liner services from the port offering fast deliveries and also connecting Finland with various parts of the world. The port handles cargo of all types, containers, Ro-Ro, LoLo, dry and liquid bulk, gas, and various types of project shipments. Many international cruise ships anchor here.

Port Authority:   Port of Hamina Ltd.
Phone: 358 5-225 5400
Fax: 358 5-225 5419

Port of Jakobstad

The operator of the Port of Jakobstad is Pietersaari who caters to loading and unloading and warehousing on a daily basis. The port provides stevedoring, forwarding, chartering, and agency services for a wide range of companies including local and international. Cellulose, paper, timber, lye, and cement are the most important articles passing through the port. Efforts are being made to raise the quantities of general goods, timber products, and containers passing through Jakobstad.

Port Authority: Jakobstad Port Authority
Phone: 06 723 6128

Port of Helsinki

The busiest international passenger port of Europe is the Port of Helsinki. It has designed a structure that offers smooth maritime tourism, e.g. to locations like Tallinn and Stockholm. In terms of freight traffic, the Port of Helsinki is the leading general port of international traffic in Finland. It serves the business life and well being of all of Finland and Helsinki in particular. The port has a warehouse terminal for passengers and is well equipped to handle dangerous substances.

Port Authority: Port of Helsinki
Phone:  +358-9-173 331
Fax: +358-9-1733 3232

Port of Kokkola

The third-largest general port of Finland, the Port of Kokkola has seen a major rise in cargo traffic in recent times. The port offers excellent logistics services at a competitive price. The port also offers 80,000 m2 of covered storage space and 500,000 m2 area for outdoor storage. Over 600 vessels arrive at the Port of Kokkola that have a combined tonnage of around 3 million net tons. The port’s also equipped with main harbor cranes, deepwater cranes, and silver stone cranes.

Port Authority:   Port Authority of Kokkola
Phone: +358 (0)6 8242 400
Fax: +358 (0)6 8242 444

Port of Rauma

This Port of Rauma is a cargo port. It’s located in the Gulf of Bothnia’s southern part. The port handled 5.8 million tons of international cargo in the year 2018, 72% of which was international. Paper and cardboard, sawn timber, and pulp were the main products of export which together accounted for around 80% of the total tonnage handled by the port. The central harbor in the port has a length of 605 meters.

Phone: +358 (0)2 834 4712
Fax: +358 (0)2 822 6369

Port of Mustola

The Port of Mustola is the Saimaa Lake District’s most important port handling cargo. The port includes an industrial area as well as a free warehouse area. The port with a railway connection to other parts of Finland and Europe is strategically important to Finland. The Port of Mustola is the busiest logistics center for cargo traffic by both rail and road. The port has seven berths with two being directly connected to the railway network.

Port Authority:   City of Lappeenranta Port Authority
Phone: 358 5 616 6073
Fax: 358 5 616 6075

Port of Oulu

The city of Oulu is Northern Europe’s logistics hub. That makes the Port of Oulu the largest general port situated in the Bay of Bothnia. The three parts of the port, Oritkari, Nuottasaari, and Vihreasaari are open all day on all days of the week. The port is well connected by rail and road handling transport and from Russia and all across Northern Scandinavia. Approximately, 550 vessels call at the Port of Oulu annually. The freight traffic handled here annually is 3.6 M tonnes.

Port Authority:   Oulu Port Authority
Phone: +358 8 5584 2753
Fax: +358 8 5584 2799

Port of Uusikaupunki

The Port of Uusikaupunki is well connected by both land and sea. It is ideally located offering straight connections to major cities and roads across Europe. It’s also well connected to Central Europe. The Port of Uusikaupunki also offers to the warehouse, stevedoring, and logistics services. The warehouses are ideal for storing agricultural bulk, unitized cargo that requires excellent hygiene, and other bulk too. The port services offered include mooring, ice breaking, waste collection, and more.

Port Authority: Port of Uusikapunki port Authority
Phone: 358 (0)2 8451 5299
Fax: 358 204 48 6500

Port of Kristinestad

The Port of Kristinestad is a small port located in the Gulf of Bothnia. Around 35 vessels visit the port every year which total 300,000 GT. The port offers good anchorage facilities and has a depth of 6.1m in the inner harbor and 51m and 15m within its outer harbor. There are two quays available, one of them of wood and the other one of stone meant for Ro-Ro, dry, and tanker cargoes. While the main exports are timber products, the primary imports are gasoline, coke, and coal.

Port Authority:   Kristinestad Port Authority
Phone: 358 6 2216200
Fax: 358 6 221 6285

Port of Imatra

The Port of Imatra is located on Lake Saimaa 28 kilometers northeast of the Saimaa Canal north. The port is ISPS compliant. The Port of Imatra is a small port and also the site where the Stora Enso Imatra Mills complex is located. The port handles seagoing trade and also board and reels of paper. It also handles raw wood and pulp. It offers good stevedoring facilities and has a drydock too. The nearest airport is Lappeenranta Domestic which is 42 kilometers away.

Port Authority: Vuoksenniskan Puuterminaali

List of Top 10 Sea Ports in Finland

Sl. No.SeaportWebsite
1Port of Hamina

Address: Satamantie 4, P.O. Box 14, Hamina FIN-49401, Finland
2Port of Jakobstad

Address: Laukontie 1, Jakobstad 68600, Finland
3Port of Helsinki

Address: Olympiaranta 3, P.O. Box 800, Helsinki FIN-00099, Finland
4Port of Kokkola

Address: Satamakatu 53, 67900 Kokkola, Kokkola, Finland
5Port of Rauma

Address: Hakunintie 19, Rauma 26100, Finland
6Port of Mustola

Address: Kipparinkatu 1, Lappeenranta FIN-53100, Finland
7Port of Oulu

Address: P.O. Box 23, Oulun kaupunki 90015, Finland
8Port of Uusikaupunki

Address: Satamantie 9, Uusikaupunki FIN-23500, Finland
9Port of Kristinestad

Address: PL 13, Technical Office, Kristiinankaupunki 64120, Finland
10Port of Imatra

Address: Enso-Gutzeit Osakeyhtio, Forest Division Woods Terminal, Imatra 55800, Finland



Our list of top 10 seaports in Finland includes the major ports of this Scandinavian nation. All of these ports are strategically important for Finland and are a vital cog in the nation’s economy. These ports connect Finland to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. We hope you find the article informative and useful. Do get in touch with us and share your feedback. 

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