List of Ports in Ghana

Looking for sea ports based in Ghana? The West African nation of Ghana is bordered by the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. It is a fairly prosperous country and commands a leadership role in the region.

Ghana Sea Ports

The government has set a target for Ghana to become a developed country by 2029. It possesses large deposits of precious metals, including gold. Ghana also has industrial minerals and hydrocarbon reserves. Half of the economy is service-based and a quarter is manufacturing-based. Among several agricultural products, Ghana produces large quantities of top-class cocoa. It is among the highest cocoa producers globally.

The industrial activity of Ghana is ably supported by the seaports. They facilitate import and export, thereby keeping the wheels of the economy moving. Below, we will take a look at the top 4 seaports of the country.

Port of Takoradi

The strategically-located Port of Takoradi is almost a century old. Its location facilitates cost-effective shipping to and from Europe, Asia, and the US. The port also serves several landlocked countries of the region. Takoradi handles more than 70% of Ghana’s sea-based exports and almost 40% of the sea-based traffic. Some of the key items that the port handles are manganese, bauxite, petroleum, wheat, cocoa, and mining equipment. Takoradi also acts as a major logistical support base for Ghana’s oil & gas exploration activities

Port Authority: Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
Phone: 233 31 32254/ 24073
Fax: 233 31 32254 22814

Port of Elmina

Situated on Ghana’s southern coast, Elmina is a small port. It deals mainly with marine food products. Many tourist vessels also operate from here as the town of Elmina is a tourist attraction of Ghana. Owing to the lesser water depth, primarily smaller vessels call at this port.

Phone: +233 (303) 219 120 Ext 3090

Port of Tema

Stretching over almost 4 million sq km, the Port of Tema is Ghana’s largest port. More than 1500 vessels of all kinds call on the port every year. More than half of Ghana’s sea-based trade is carried on through Tema. It is located only 30 km away from Ghana’s capital and serves as a regional logistics hub, providing various kinds of related services. Tema is set to become the logistics and trading hub of entire West Africa.

Port Authority:   Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority
Phone: 233 22 204385
Fax: 233 22 204136

Port of Saltpond

Saltpond is a small-sized port, with a channel water depth of 76 feet. Smaller vessels call on the port. It handles general cargo and also provides some other related logistics services.

Phone: N/A
Website: N/A

List of Top 4 sea ports in Ghana

Sl. No.SeaportWebsite
1Port of Takoradi


Address: PO Box 708, Takoradi, Ghana
2Port of Elmina


Address: Elmina, Central Region 
3Port of Tema


Address: PO Box 488, Tema, Ghana
4Port of Saltpond


Address: Saltpond, Ghana


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