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In the year 1973, Hercules transport service took its birth and the founders John O’Neal and R.W. Anderson had the vision of making the Company one of the best service providers in the world. Just provide your Hercules Freight Tracking number like PRO or BOL number to check delivery status.  They went on acquiring fleets of trailers to transport oil to expand their wholesale marketing operations. The Company brought into existence trucking as its major activity in business. In the 1980s the Company had undertaken the major task of opening of terminals at various important locations in States. Such initiative for construction of terminals went up to late nineties and Hercules is now popular as one of the best providers of transportation services.

Hercules Freight

Services available

  • LPG transportation – As a major transporter of United States of America, this Company specializes in giving LPG transportation. It understands the importance of time management and safety management and implemented all the measures to give its clients full satisfaction.
  • Chemical transportation – Over the years, it has also emerged as a major transporter of chemicals. As it is easier said than done, safety in chemical shifting is very important, Hercules has taken all types of care to transport chemicals from one to other end of the world.
  • Ammonia transportation – Besides LPG and Chemical transportation, Anhydrous ammonia transportation is another business activity of this major transporter in the world. It has the essential infrastructure and staff in place to effectively execute ammonia transportation to all the important locations in the world.

How to Track your Hercules Freight Shipment?

Basically there are 03 ways to check the delivery status, let’s check how to find current status of your shipment:

Call Customer Service

This is the far easiest way to know your shipment location. For this, you will have to give a call to the Hercules’ customer service at 318-768-2050 and talk to customer-care executives to know about the exact status of your shipment in transit. Us Customers can call at  800-621-8723.

Track Online

If you internet access then you will just need PRO / BOL number to check the status.

Order Number

Mention your reference number and click on Submit button. You would get the exact status of your shipment in transit.

Request information

Another option is to send an email to the customer service of Hercules Freight at Tracing@herculesfreight.com. Mention your Full name, contact detail along with PRO number and request for shipment status. You can expect to get a reply in 2-3 business days. You could fill up this online request form and click on the “submit” button below and get the exact status of your shipment in transit.

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