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The story of Dohrn Transfer was started in 1921 with just one truck. Today the Dohrn Transfer provide its transporting services to 14 state. Moreover the company not only offer transportation services, but also provide warehouse storage but also complete distribution services across United States.

Dohrn Transfer Company

Customers who have ordered for transportation services would obviously want to know about their shipment details. DOHRN gives it’s best to keep everything transparent with customers. It gives various facilities to the customers to check shipment details. Customers of Dohrn Transfer can track and trace LTL freight, Transfer company shipment, Trucking, Transport Carrier delivery and many more.

How to Track Dohrn Transfer Company Online

If you have placed an order for goods transportation or book courier/parcel then track and trace can be done using Dohrn Transfer online tracking system. There are currently below option available to check the delivery status:

  1. Use Online System
  2. Call Toll Free Number
  3. Send Email

Tracking Online 

This is the fastest and convenient way to track the Dohrn Transfer trucking in real time. All you need is the Shipment number to find the delivery status.

Follow these steps and you get to know the shipment detail:

  1. Get your Shipment Number ready
  2. Enter your number carefully
  3. And click on Begin Trace
  4. It will show the current status of your shipment

Through this, customers can know about their shipment details or can track their shipment in only few minutes.

Call Customer Care Number

Any customer can call and ask to Dohrn’s customer service about their product shipment details. Or, in case the live tracking option is not working, then customer can directly call to the toll free number and get updated detail about their shipment.

Customers can call to the customer service number of Dohrn Transfer and inquire about the shipment status.

  • Customer Care Number: 1-888-364-7621
  • For Pickup Request: 1-800-747-3401
  • Fax: 309-794-1693

Lakeville Motor Express

Send Email

Those who want to know about their shipment details can also send email to Dohrn. The company will reply to the customer as soon as possible. This process takes a little more time in comparison to other processes.

Their email address is

This process also can help the customers to know about their shipment details or track their shipment.

The company gives 100% satisfaction to their customers by giving their customers these options to know the shipment details.

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