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The  Wahana Prestasi Logistics is a renowned supplier of shipping services by air, land, and sea in Indonesia. The Cek Resi Wahana express services also include warehousing of various commodities passing in the transit. As a shipping giant in Indonesia, the Company sends documents and packages to more than 5000 areas.  It has a formidable fleet of 250 trucks, 60 branch offices, 300 retail agents and 1200 seasoned employees. By making partnership with technology, it has introduced excellent features like online tracking and its clients have now all the facilities for transporting their freight without any problem.

Wahana Express

The Wahana Express Logistics is a leading company from Indonesia. They introduce Wahana tracking system to check the shipment status in real time.


Warehousing –  The Company has strategically located warehouses at various transit points in Indonesia, where it stores the consignments and it makes sure that those remain in damage-free conditions. The warehouses are sophisticated and it could safely keep all types of perishable commodities, passing in transit.

Expedited services – Based on the real needs of the clients, the Company has developed expedited services. Such services have excellent features like brilliant time management and safe deliveries. The services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the clients.

Best truckload transportation –  Wahana is a leader in truckload transportation.  The truckload services could take care of the complete needs of logistics of a particular client. To add to it, the company gives the most competitive pricing of its truckload services that make sure making timely and safe deliveries.

Less-than-truckload services –  When it comes to making less-than-truckload deliveries, the Company has the best services to offer to its clients. The packages have the great designs to accommodate all types of needs of the clients.

Excellent fleet management –  As it has one of the biggest fleet of trucks, it gives equally good maintenance to its trucks and makes sure that those do not suffer any break-down during the transit period.

Cek Resi Wahana Tracking Online

You could know the exact status of your consignment in transit. Please follow the information given below to do the same;

Wahana online tracking tool

  • Keep your receipt number ready
  • Now go to Wahana official page here
  • Enter your receipt number (ttk)
  • Click on “track” button next.
  • You would get the most updated status of your consignment in transit.

It will show the status of your shipment on next page.

Track by mail

You could also track the status of your consignment by an email. Please do the following for the same.

  • Send a mail to customer.service@wahana.com
  • Mention the details of your consignment
  • You would get the most updated status of consignment, pending in transit.

You can expect a reply from the customer support of Wahana Express in 2 working days.

Head Office Address

Rempoa Raya 88, Rempoa
Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, Banten
Pin/Zip Code: 15412

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