Top Shipping Companies in Israel

Located in Western Asia, Israel lies on the southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea. The Port of Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea is the country’s largest port and also its oldest. There’s also the Ashdod Port, a deepwater port on the open sea. Eilat, a smaller port on the Red Sea is a hub of trading with the Far East.

Israel Shipping Companies

With a network of ports, there are many shipping companies in Israel who are offering international freight services. We bring you the top 15 from them.

Overseas Commerce Ltd.

Overseas Commerce is counted among the top shipping companies based in Israel. Established in 1967, Oversize Commerce Limited has 37% of its shares with the Emilia Development and the remaining 63% with the public. They provide complete logistics support and cater to all the components of a supply chain. Oversize manages and operates cargo terminals and containers. They are done under the supervision of the customs. They also offer warehousing facilities covering a total area of 430,000 square meters in Israel and abroad too.

Phone: +972 8-851-8333

UPS Haifa

UPS Shipping was founded on 28 August 1907 at Seattle, Washington, United States. They are a package delivery and supply chain management company with major operations in Israel. It has many divisions and subsidiaries including UPS Airlines its cargo airline and also its trucking division, UPS Freight. They offer extensive shipping services to meet the various needs of their customers. They are into domestic packaging, international shipping and freight services.

Phone: +972 1-700-700-877

Orian Lev Haaretz Logistics Center

Orian’s journey started in 1953 as a customs brokerage company. It was founded by the late Mr. Abraham Lamden. Today it’s one of Israel’s leading logistics services providers. They have a logistics center in the heart of Israel with an area of 30,000 sqm. They have large shipping operations. Every year, 40,000 shipments on average, around 50,000 TEU and 55,000 cubic meters of LCL shipments are imported and exported.

Phone: +972 8-918-1818

Sonigo Warehouse

Sonigo is a one-stop-shop for international shipping and moving and has been operating since 1986. They have a network of agents and providers spread across Israel and overseas. Their customer service is excellent and they offer reliable insurance services too. They have now become efficient in supply chain management after gaining experience over the years. They offer crating solutions and storage facilities. They also offer relocating services.

Phone: +972 8-611-1222

Fritz Company Israel Tee. LTD

Fritz has been a leader in supply chain management, international shipping, and logistics for more than 29 years. They operate in partnership with FedEx which gives them a logistical and shipping network that extends all across the globe. They are one of the leaders in international shipping covering the field of pharma and security deliveries. Their network works smoothly using advanced information systems and they have an employee strength of around 1,000. They have logistics centers covering a total area of 40,000 sqm.

Phone: +972 3-735-1000

Arab Bridge Maritime

AB Maritime was set up in 1985. They have exclusive rights to operate ferry services on the Aqaba-Nuweiba route. They also offer shipping services for passengers, vehicles and goods of all types. The exclusive rights were granted by the governments of Jordan and Syria. They had started operating by hiring vessels but now they own a fleet of seven vessels. They offer end-to-end logistics and supply chain management solutions.

Phone: +962 3 209 2000

Ruth Cargo Ltd.

Ruth Cargo was established in 1986 to provide a wide range of supply chain management services to its customers.  They are the sole representatives of the logistics giant Agility in Israel which operates through a network of 500 offices at 100 locations. They offer a wide range of services covering international shipping and supply chain management. Apart from international shipping, they also offer warehousing and customs clearance services.

Phone: +972 8-918-2000

Seago Line

Sealand is a company owned by the logistics giant Maersk. They ensure the fast delivery of a wide variety of cargo. They are into the shipping of dry cargo, reefer cargo, and special cargo too. They also offer inland services such as rail, truck, and barge connections. They also offer cargo protection. They are also involved in the sale of old containers. They are engaged in the shipping of a variety of items, right from agriculture to pharmaceuticals as well as dangerous cargo.

Phone: +972 8-862-8002

Israel Cargo Logistics (ICL)

ICL provides comprehensive logistics services, all under one roof. They have their presence at all the major ports and inland borders. They used advanced technology in their operations. They have a wide network of agents spread across the world. They are into air freight, ocean freight, and drop shipments. They also offer customs clearance, packing, and engineering, and warehouse services. They have a division providing courier services too.

Phone: +972 3-977-7333

Kamor Shipping and Tanker Services Ltd.

Kamor is one of the leading and most dominant shipping companies based out of Israel. The company is held jointly by Mr. Israel Normand, acting as a General Manager, and by Trim Capital LTD. Their offices are located at two main ports of Israel, Ashdod, and Haifa. They offer three broad categories of services- shipping agency for Dry Bulk, Tankers, Generals, Break-Bulk and Project cargoes, chartering brokers & marine surveyors. The company serves more than 700 vessel calls yearly on an average.

Phone: +972 4-868-1001

D.S.V International Forwarding

DSV has a wide network of offices and facilities in more than 80 countries spread across six continents. They offer supply chain management services to thousands of companies every day. They offer reliable sea freight services for all kinds of shipments to every corner of the world. They act as intermediaries between you & the shipping and airline companies. They are also into handling FTL and LTL cargo both domestically and across Europe.

Phone: +972 8-914-6111

A. Rosenfeld Shipping Ltd.

Established in 1919 it was Israel’s first shipping company. The company acts as a representative of multiple international shipping companies. It has served a number of ships that have visited Israeli ports. They offer a wide variety of shipping services like Ro-Ro hip transportation, container transport, ship chartering, and general port agency in Israeli ports. They also offer ferry services.

Phone: +972 4-861-3613

Brinks Israel LTD.

Brinks has been in the industry since as far back as 1859. They are one of the world leaders in providing secure logistics services. They employ as many as 59,400 employees spread across 55 countries. The number of branches they have is 875. They specialize in armored freight services. They are involved in the import and export of valuables like diamonds and precious metals. They offer professional service to deliver goods of high value in a secure way.

Phone: +972 3-565-1000

Kef International

Kef International has been involved in moving and logistics since 1979. They offer shipments of various types helping their customers choose which one suits them. They also offer marine insurance services working in partnership with insurance companies. They also offer storage solutions, both locally and abroad. They offer deliveries to their customers’ doorsteps. They also offer comprehensive packing services helping customers with relocation.

Phone: +972 2-673-5043

Coral Marine Services Ltd.

Coral was established by Capt. Reuven Sadnai in1977. In these four decades, it has grown to emerge as one of the leading shipping companies in Israel. They have a highly qualified and professional team of employees. They specialize as port agents, offshore and logistics agents, ship managers, brokers, and charterers. They also offer husbandry services ensuring efficient maintenance and timely repairs. They also have a maritime heritage center, the Sadnai Maritime Heritage Center.

Phone: +972 4-867-1266

Quick Overview of Shipping Companies in Israel

Sl.No.Company DetailWebsite
1Overseas Commerce Ltd.

Mevo HaYamaim 3, Ashdod, Israel
2UPS Haifa

Bone Eli’ezer St 10, Haifa, Israel
3Orian Lev Haaretz Logistics Center

Lev Haaretz Industrial Zone, Kfar Qasim, Israel
4Sonigo Warehouse

Bnei Darom Industrial Zone 6, Ashdod, 7714001, Israel
5Fritz Company Israel Tee. LTD

Ha-Kharoshet St 32, Or Yehuda, Israel
6Arab Bridge Maritime

Doctor Hussein Kamal, Aqaba, Jordan
7Ruth Cargo Ltd.

HaMelacha St 4, Lod, Israel
8Seago Line

Building 2, Ha-Bosem St 3, Ashdod, Israel
9Israel Cargo Logistics (ICL)

Airport City, Gilboa St 3, Israel
10Kamor Shipping and Tanker Services Ltd.

Jaffa Road 152, Haifa, Israel
11D.S.V International Forwarding

HaAyalon St, Lod, Israel
12A. Rosenfeld Shipping Ltd.

Derech HaAtsma’ut 104, Haifa, Israel
13Brinks Israel LTD.

Yigal Alon St 86, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
14Kef International

Gil’adi St 2, Jerusalem, Israel
15Coral Marine Services Ltd.

Andre Sakharov 6, Haifa, 3190500, Israel


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