Top 6 Boat Manufacturers in Oregon

Boat manufacturing is a very old activity among all nations that are bordered by seas or oceans. With two oceans on its east & west coasts, USA has a huge number of boat manufacturers across the length & breadth of the nation. The industry has seen multiple changes over the years as technology has improved substantially. However, core structural and aesthetic factors have remained constant. To be considered commercially viable, boats need to be aesthetically pleasing, contain top quality raw materials, technologically sound, and sensitive to the buyers’ needs.

Boat manufacturers in oregon

Some Notes on Oregon

Located in the Pacific Northwest location of the US, Oregon also has rivers like Columbia River & Snake River within its territories. Fishing is one of the major economic activities here, with so many waterways being present. Consequently, the boat manufacturing industry is also highly developed here. Below, we will take a look at the top 5 boat manufacturers in Oregon.


Zidell Marine

Zidell Marine is a noted name as a manufacturer of steel barges. The company both sells & leases these barges. Of a very high quality, these barges carry diverse articles as cement, petroleum products, sand, gravel, grains, lumber, etc. The barges can be as big a football field as well. The highly experienced team of technicians does a neat job of constructing these vessels.

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 6 Google reviews

Address: 2020 SW 4th Ave #600, Portland, OR 97201, United States

Phone: +1 503-228-8691


Willie Boats Inc

Among the most famous boat manufacturers of the state, the boats manufactured by Willie Boats are much in demand from the customers owing to their durability, strength, customized offerings, and competitive rates. Willie Boats manufacture various types of fishing boats & also boats for personal use & pleasure trips. It is also into manufacturing of drift boats.

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 14 Google reviews

Address: 1440 Justice Rd, Central Point, OR 97502, United States

Phone: +1 541-779-4141


Koffler Boats Inc

The family-owned & operated Koffler Boats Inc. dates back to 1973 when Bruce Koffler built a welded aluminum boat. It was an instant hit and Bruce’s passion turned to business as he set up the company in 1977. The next generation of Kofflers runs the very successful firm today that has a reputation of building among the toughest aluminum drift boats, sled boats, and prams. Koffler Boats is also into RMT boats, power boats, accessories, and boat trailers.

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 28 Google reviews

Address: 90017 Green Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402, United States

Phone: +1 541-688-6093



Nelson Marine

Nelson Marine has an experience of over 3 decades in constructing premium quality boats for the boaters of Oregon & the neighboring states. Staffed with some of the most experienced technicians in the trade & aided by usage of the latest technology, Nelson Marine’s boats are built to last really long. The company, apart from boat building, is also into boat repair & related maintenance.

Rating: 4.5/5 out of 21 Google reviews

Address: 23675 NE Dunberg Loop, Newberg, OR 97132, United States

Phone: +1 503-702-2660



GatorStep LLC

Personalized products. Unmatched durability. Unparalleled visual aesthetics. and consequent total value for money. These are some of the defining features of GatorStep’s boats. Constant investment in R & D has ensured that the firm always comes out with boats that are equipped with the latest features while providing total comfort & security. The boat part installations happen fast & without glitches. And faster turn times allow for better service quality.

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 135 Google reviews

Address: 2830 Industrial Ave, Hubbard, OR 97032, United States

Phone: +1 800-603-5246



River Wild

In its 24th year now, River Wild is located by the famous Rogue River. Its expertise extends to building different kinds of boats like commercial boats, open guide boats, inboards, aluminum trailers, offshore racing hulls, open fishing platforms, and others. With zero compromise on quality, River Wild’s boats are capable of negotiating any & every water body, from lakes to oceans.

Rating: 4.3/5 out of 6 Google reviews

Address: 1450 SE M St, Grants Pass, OR 97526, United States

Phone: +1 541-955-1970



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