I have not received my shipment yet, Can you tell me why?

We and our website are committed only to facilitate you in tracking your shipment, but we do not deal with it’s shipping.  Kindly contact your shipping company regarding your query.

How can I release my shipment that is stuck in the customs, can you help me?

Sorry, we can’t help you here, you need to contact your shipping company for solving the issue.

When will my shipment arrive?

We have no information regarding that, we can only tell you the present status of your shipment.

Can you please change the address on my shipment and deliver it to the correct address.

We do not have any access to your shipment and we are not responsible for its delivery. Please contact your shipping company to help you resolve the issue.

Can you provide me details regarding your shipping services such as best mode, cost, duration, etc?

We are not a shipping company, we only help you track your shipment. You must contact a shipping company for those queries.

Can you tell us our shipment status through call or email?

No, we cannot provide a personal support to so many users, you need to track it yourself using the free tool available on our site.

Does your site include post/ EMS tracking for all countries?

It’s out endeavor to include Post/ EMS tracking services for all the possible countries, but in case we missed out something you can always let us know.

Do you support all browsers?

We support latest versions of major browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer etc.