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ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is a firm dealing in shipping and allied services. It was founded in the year 1945. Since then, has created its unique standing as an independent carrier in the shipping industry. It’s network spans over 120 countries. Its headquarters are at Haifa. Today it is a top performer in its niche, on account of its unique strategy and innovation. Over the years the firm has amassed quality experience and it hopes to retain its leading position in the industry.

ZIM Shipping Line Network

The firm values excellence, creativity, flexibility and community building. Creative and logistics solutions are framed for customers from all around the globe. It takes a unified effort by qualified team to formulate such customer driven policies. New employees are welcome here to join the team. Zim Integrated services has adopted many initiatives aimed at sustainability and compliance with high standards of business ethics in all its operational units. The overall system is so designed that customers have the support to propel their business forward.

ZIM Shipping Services

  1. Dry cargo: The firm provides cargo services for miscellaneous shipped goods like large size TV’s to small items like FMCG’s.
  2. Reefer cargo: The firm deals in transportation of sensitive or perishable goods under temperature controlled conditions.
  3. Information services: Clients can keep a vigil over container / cargo movement from the very first to last step. Land transportation services are such that the cargo arrives safely at the point of dispatch.

Clients can have a look at the schedules by filling in the From and To fields. Clients can opt for point to points schedules, line schedules etc. Else one can schedule by vessel or schedule by port. One can request a quote by providing basic details like name, shipment date, container type and contact information. Clients can stay informed of the shipping instructions by entering contact details such as name, email id, country, shipper name and address, consignee name and address. In this way they will also get services at customized rates.

 Tracking ZIM Shipping Container 

All you need is the Booking, B/L or Container number to check the shipment status.

  • Enter your Container Number or B/L Number
  • Click on Track Shipment
  • It will show the live status of your goods.

This tool can also be used to track cargo.


  • Smart, efficient distribution network
  • Reliable and stable services
  • Customer centric operational policies/solutions adapted to comply with needs of clientele
  • Competitive advantage in select trades
  • Flexible partnership building with other carriers
  • New line structure approach

Zim Head Office Address:
Office No-9 Andrei Sakharov St.
Zip Code-31000

Customer Support:

If you are not able to track the container then you can contact to ZIM Shipping Line Network  helpline number, which are as follows:

  • Telephone Number: +972 48652111
  • Fax Number: +972 48652956
  • Email Id: info@il.zim.com
  • Website: https://www.zim.com/

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