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The Wan Hai Lines Ltd offering container shipping services across the globe. Users can use a tracking option to check the vessel delivery status and customer care contact number. Wan Hai Lines prides itself to be a leading service network available in Asia. It began its operation in 1965 as a log transportation company in the Asian countries of Taiwan, Japan and other important parts of Southeast Asia. It transformed into a full container shipping company in the year of 1976, with its concentration focused on freight and logistics services. With more than 30 years of experience, Wan Hai lines claim to develop its shipping business to a world-class quality calling in the best services that can be provided to its customers.

Wan Hai Lines Container Company

Wan Hai Lines Helps You To Track Your Cargo Online

The Wan hai Line not only providing the shipping services but also allowing its customers to check the delivery status of the shipment using the below tool.To keep up with the changing technological era, Wan Hai has introduced the online tracking facility:

There are some qualities that allow Wan Hai Lines to stand out and they are:

A vast network of routes

Wan Hai is certainly the premier shipping services in Asia. It connects a fantastic number of countries ports that include, Kanton and Kansai areas of Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East. This Pan-Asian logistics service has been able to bring the whole of Asia together. It provides shipping of full container vessels along regular routes among these areas.

There are other shipping service provider companies available in the market which are as follows:


Wan Hai is equipped with nearly 66+ full container vessels, which provides a capacity of over 90,000 TEU. It has an exclusive terminal in West 17 of Keelung, however, Wan Hai has also leased a number of terminals which includes No. 34, No. 35, No. 63, and No. 64 in Taichung and Kaohsiung. It is the only carrier in Taiwan with dedicated terminals in the island’s northern, central and southern regions. It constantly explores new routes and directions for the benefit of its customers.

Head Office Address and Contact Number

Office at: 136
Located at: 10th Floor
Place: Sung Chiang Road
City: Taipei
Country: Taiwan

Contact Number: 886-2-2567-7961

Fax Number: 886-2-2521-6000

Office in India


Omega Shipping Agencies PVT. LTD.
Office no: 1104-06
Located at: DLF Tower-A
Place: Jasola District Center
City: New Delhi
Pin Code: 110025

Pin Code: 011-4734-9000


Wan Hai Lines (I) PVT. LTD.
Office at: 108
Located at: 1st Floor
Building: Anchorage Building
Landmark: Near JNPT Town Ship
Place: Taluka Uran
City: Raigad
State: Maharashtra
Pin Code: 400707

Contact Number: 022-6129-4500

Wan Hai Lines Ltd Container Ships

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9494591 KOTA CANTIK20126,60683,964300
9203631 YM PINE20015,54868,615274.69
9625401 KOTA LEKAS20144,80057,712254.4
9457646 WAN HAI 51520134,68057,830259
9455296 WAN HAI 51120124,53257,830259
9224336 HONGKONG BRIDGE20014,25350,954259.8
9294848 WAN HAI 50120054,25252,249268.8
9294874 WAN HAI 50520053,86652,146268.8
9403009 COSCO FUZHOU20073,53442,201230.9
9316359 BOMAR SPRING20062,73239,063210.84
9305001 MUNK STRAIT20042,70237,978215.08
9342712 WAN HAI 31720082,64633,055213
9248693 WAN HAI 31220062,64633,055213
9248681 WAN HAI 31120052,64632,937213
9230206 WAN HAI 26120011,67523,672198.04
9208186 WAN HAI 23520001,66021,028191.45
9208162 WAN HAI 23220001,66021,008191.4
9445019 MARINE TARABA20081,57721,464171.99
9306225 AVA D20071,57415,487167.99
9233648 WAN HAI 26720021,57223,623198.04
9233636 WAN HAI 26620021,57223,648198.04
9159854 XINDE KEELUNG19971,56024,328183.2
9074432 WAN HAI 22119941,36823,802172.15
9074456 WAN HAI 22319941,36823,799172.15
9074468 WAN HAI 22519941,36823,792172.15
9048574 WAN HAI 21119931,32923,837174.6
9048586 WAN HAI 21219931,29823,877174.6
9292462 AS FLORA20051,22317,266154.59
9324162 CAPE FLORES20051,20016,393154.47
8914025 WAN HAI 20519901,05723,902174
8809232 HON CHUN198963414,504151.6

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