Top 10 Ports in Dubai, UAE

Besides being the UAE’s most densely-populated city, there are several ports in Duba. It’s a global hub of trade and commerce. Thanks to its strategic location, the seas in and around Dubai are buzzing with shipping activity all around the year.

Top Ports in Dubai

Initially, the economy of Dubai had been primarily dependant on petroleum, like most of the Gulf countries. But over the years, this dependence has decreased considerably. Dubai has focused more on revenues from trade, aviation, real estate, tourism, and financial services. With a GDP of more than $100 billion, Dubai is home to most of the major global service providers, covering all sectors.

Leadings Ports in Dubai, UAE

Foreign Trade

Dubai has extensive trading relations with most nations of the world. The key ones among them are the US, China, India, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, etc. Average annual exports and imports both stand close to $250 billion. Petroleum, gold, and other minerals are the chief export commodities. Dubai’s main imports consist of engineering products, construction equipment, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuff.

List of Ports in Dubai and the UAE

The UAE has a highly developed network of seaports. They handle an immense quantity of traffic throughout the year. In keeping with international rules regarding maritime traffic and safety, the sea transportation sector of the UAE is continually engaged in developing operation and maintenance of ships, construction of dry docks, and smoothening of overall ocean traffic management.

Two of the top 50 global container ports are located in Dubai. More than 60% of the cargo intended for the entire Gulf region arrives via the ports of the UAE. Apart from the oil ports, there are 12 commercial trading ports in the country. There are 310 berths with more than 80 million tonnes of cargo tonnage.

Let’s take a look at the top 8 ports in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Jebel Ali

The Jebel Ali port has the largest artificial harbor in the world. And it is ranked among the top 10 ports globally. The port is a sort of gateway for trading relations across the entire region. It facilitates the connection of the eastern and western markets of the world with vast parts of Africa, the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia.

The port handles more than 22 million TEUs through 4 container terminals. For more than 2 decades, it has been awarded the best port in the Middle East. More than 80 weekly shipping services operate every week from this port, connecting close to 150 global ports. The Container Freight Station has a combined capacity of more than 134,000 sq mts.

Port Authority: DP World
Phone: 971 4 8811110
Fax: 971 4 8811331

Mina Rashid Port

Also known as Port Rashid, it commenced operation in 1972, with a capacity of handling less than 100,000 TEUs. It was Dubai’s first commercial port until 2018 year when operations shifted to Jebel Ali. Today, the 13 meters-deep port has a capacity of close to 1.5 million TEUs. The port handles general cargo and passenger vessels. Extensive redevelopment plans for the port to the tune of almost $7 billion are underfoot.

Port Authority: DP World
Phone: 971 4 8811110
Fax: 971 4 8811331

Al Hamriya

The Al Hamriya port is a traditional cargo gateway to the region. Through this port, primarily non-containerized cargo is moved, between Dubai and India, The Arabian Gulf, and the East African region. Breakbulk vessels, Roll on-Roll off ships and the traditional dhows – all can access the port. A huge quarantine facility makes it ideal as a terminal for the import of livestock. It can also provide berthing facilities to almost 200 fishing vessels at a time. Another key trading activity through this port is used car trading.

Port Authority: Sharjah Sea Ports
Phone: 971-6-5281666
Fax: 971-6-5281425

Khalifa Port

The port was inaugurated in 2012. This deep-water port is based in between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This post is the first semi-automated container port in the entire Gulf region. More than 25 shipping lines serve the port, connecting more than 70 destinations worldwide. The state of the art infrastructure includes 12 ship-to-shore quay cranes, more than 40 automated stacking cranes, and 20 straddle carriers. The port has the capacity to handle 2.5 million TEUs and 12 million tons of cargo every year.

Port Authority: Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)
Fax: 00971 2 697 5174

Khor Fakkan

Counted among the leading global transshipment ports, the port of KhorFakkan is located on the Indian Ocean coast in Sharjah. It lies in proximity to the primary east-west shipping route. The port has recently undertaken extensive expansion work, adding 6 gantries and 4 cranes, taking the total to 20. The storage space now stands at 450,000 square meters. The port has an installed capacity to handle 45,000 TEUs and 1,000 reefer containers.

Port Name: Port of Khor Fakkan
Phone: 971-6-5281666
Fax: 971-6-5281425

Port Zayed

Founded in 1972, Port Zayed has been the chief port serving Abu Dhabi for almost 50 years. It is one of the biggest ports in the emirate with the ability to handle 10 ocean liner s at any single point in time. The port lies over an area of more than 5 sq km with 21 berths and a warehouse space of 143,000 sq mts. The port handles general and bulk cargo, along with cruise tourism and the facility of multimodal services.

Port Authority: Abu Dhabi Seaport Authority
Phone: +971-2 6730600
Fax: +971-2 6730432

Port of Fujairah

Located 70 nautical miles from the Strait of Hormuz, the Port of Fujairah commenced operations in 1983. Since then, the port has served as a key multi-functional port of the entire region. The port has extensive road links with the rest of the Gulf region, courtesy of its strategic location outside the gulf. The competent staff works 24 x 7 to provide seamless services. The port is equipped with paved storage for more than 30,000 TEUs. The port handles a range of cargo including general, bulk, and wet bulk. It also provides ship repair services.

Port Authority: N/A
Phone: 971 9 2228800
Fax: 971 9 2228811

Port of Ras Al Khaimah

The Port of Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is among the most well-equipped and state of the art ports of the region. It serves as a vital point for connecting major global ports, facilitating the movement of a variety of cargo – both general and bulk. It is among the key shipping points for the import of construction equipment into the Emirate. RAK Port also provides services like ship repair, warehousing, marine and anchorage, and cruise services.

Port Authority: Saqr Port Authority
Phone: +971 7 228 8230

Quick Overview of Top 10 Ports in Dubai, UAE

Sl. No.SeaportWebsite
1Jebel Ali

PO Box 17000 Dubai United Arab Emirates
2Mina Rashid Port

PO Box 17000 Dubai United Arab Emirates
3Al Hamriya

P.O Box 510 Sharjah United Arab Emirates
4Khalifa Port

PO Box 54477 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
5Khor Fakkan

P.O Box 510 Sharjah United Arab Emirates
6Port Zayed

P.O.Box 422 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
7Port of Fujairah

PO Box 787, Fujairah, Fujairah United Arab Emirates
8Port of Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Selaab – Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates
9Musaffah Port (AEAMF)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

10Port of Salalah

P O Box 105 Muscat Postal Code 118 Oman


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