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The SeaLand started providing container tracking using waybill or bill of landing number. This track and trace service help to locate the status of the shipment and schedules.  SeaLand is the revamped company of the famous American logistics service, SeaLand.  The old SeaLand was launched in 1950, after that it changed several hands, and the present SeaLand, though named differently, kept its name intact, in respect to the famous American company, whose descendant it is. SeaLand is presently owned by Maersk and it is one of the leading carrier services in the world. This American based company has made quite name by providing quality services that has been held in high esteem for decades. Since its re-launch, it has emerged as a dedicated leading-edge regional carrier which provides efficient services and make customers’ needs a prominent feature of their services.

Sealand Shipping Company

SeaLand Lets You Track Your Container

SeaLand is a technologically innovative company. Keeping up with it, it has allowed its customers to track their containers from anywhere in the world.  This helps in gaining a thorough knowledge on where the container is, and when exactly it will reach its destination. You can track your container by clicking here

sealand track using billing number

As said, the user must have the container number/shipment/ bill of landing number in order to track the shipment of SeaLand. The container location and schedule can be check right away. User can go directly to and enter the details as shown above and check the status of shipment delivery.

Services offered by SeaLand Carrier

Sealand is committed on providing its customers, the ease in dealing with logistics; so that when they avail SeaLAnd they get the benefit of its services and a number of aspects that make SeaLAnd so famous. There are a number of advantages tht you will receive when you avail SeaLAnd for your logistics and they include:

A vast network of connectivity

SeaLand’s biggest USP is its presence. It is present in 240 countries, which is 44 over than the 196 countries recognized by the UN. So you can be assured that wherever you are in the world, SeaLand will be able to reach you to make your logistics happen. This pervasiveness of the company has made it a success, allowing it to carry their business in places where no one ever thought of having a logistics company.

Instant Container Services

SeaLand doesn’t believe in making their customers wait, when they need a container. It is for this reason SeaLAnd has made provisions to provide their customers all kind of container related services, no matter where the customer is. Its vast network of services in almost all countries, allows them to maintain their promise.

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