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Being a conglomerate of 3 regional organizations that covers North, Central, and South America, and the black sea area, Seago is a distinguished Company in Maersk group. The Company has made a formidable contribution to make shipping simpler and well-organized.  By combing its logistical capability with modern technology and digital tools, it has put the customer in control of everything.  Being part of the Maersk Empire, Seago gives its customers global reach, a range of services, and steadiness in the movement of cargo.  Seago gives vital support through its teams to give the best possible availability of logistics and make the deliveries smooth and hassle-free.

Services available

Dry Cargo – Literally speaking, Seagoline transports from A to Z in cargo items.  Be it coal, grain, electronics, automobiles, or apparel, it could move its clients’ cargo from one to another end of the world. The Company is famous for its safety measures, speed, and efficiency.

Reefer cargo – The Company is distinguished for its reefer cargo services. It could keep its customers happy by making the best movement of their cargoes. When it comes to transporting perishable products like food items, medicine, and vegetables, the company has the best-refrigerated containers to take the cargoes to anywhere in the world.

Special cargo – When the client has oversized cargoes, like machinery or vehicles, the Company could provide its special cargo services. Such services are quite helpful in taking oversized cargo to project sites or anywhere, where transportation is difficult and cumbersome.

Dangerous cargo – The Company also has a dedicated team with their expertise and knowledge on dangerous or explosive cargoes. It could easily take such cargo across the seas without any risk or danger. The Company could also transport chemicals or other dangerous liquids under precaution and complete care. It is famous for its safety measures and packaging methods.

Digital services – The clients could choose to remove their personal involvement and decide to take the advantages of booking cargo online. The Company offers such facilities on its website and mobile apps. They could monitor their cargoes by the help of remote container management.

Additional services – The Company is not only a traditional shipping services provider but it could give support by means of inland services like a truck, rail, and barge connections. It could also offer its customer’s cargo protection and make simplification of your customs house brokerage process.

Global coverage services – The Company has incredible global reach and it could offer services at various continents. Its services are available in the Americas, Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia. The services have earned the appreciation of millions of people.

Seago Line Container Online

The Seago shipping company given a tracking tool to check freight and shipment status.  You must have either the container number or transport document number for tracking online.

1) Enter your Container or transport document number

2) Click on the “Search” button.

3) You would get the most updated status of your container or cargo.

Denmark Office Address:

Hedeager 5 8200 Aarhus N

Customer Support

For any queries related to shipment or new booking, you can call Seago Line customer care number or drop them an email using below detail and they will assist you:

Phone Number: + 45 8931 6700
Email  id:

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