List of Sea Ports in Brazil [2022]

Before we list out Brazil’s seaports, we give you an insight into the major expansion and growth Brazil’s port sector is poised for. The Brazilian infrastructure sector is being prepared to be a worthy partner in the strong growth that the country’s foreign trade has been showing in recent years. While exports have more than tripled over the last decade, imports have more than doubled. To be able to handle this major growth in foreign trade, Brazil’s ports which handle 95% of the country’s trade in terms of volume have seen considerable investments, both public and private.

List of Major Sea Ports in Brazil

There are plans to integrate Brazil’s port network more with the large-scale projects that are underway to expand the transportation logistics. The Federal Government has played its part in encouraging further growth by passing Decree 6,620 paving the way for concessions in the building and operating of ports. Such ports can be built and operated by both Brazilian and international companies. The minister for ports, Pedro Brito hopes to see Brazilian ports receive major investments to the tune of R$ 19 billion in the years ahead.

Between 1998 and 2008, Brazil’s imports and exports are set to jump phenomenally from US$108 billion to an estimated figure of US$400 billion, a rise of a whopping 268%. Major investments are therefore needed for the expansion and modernization of Brazil’s ports to handle this massive growth in foreign trade. With the nation poised for such massive growth in its imports and exports, the ports in Brazil are gearing up for major growth. We truly look forward to an ocean of opportunities.

List of Sea Ports in Brazil

Here is the full list of major sea ports of Brazil:


The port of Manaus is today the world’s largest floating port located in Brazil. It’s capable of handling 4 ships at a time at any time of the year with an additional 3 ships when the Rio Negro floods. These ships can be berthed in the fixed berths of Paredao and TC. With an extension of the Torres floating pier having been made, the customer experiences more efficiency.

Port Authority: Port of Manaus
Phone Number: 55 92 2123 4350
Fax Number: 55 92 2123 4360


Mainly handling general cargo, grain, food, and fuel, the port of Santarem lies on the Tapojas river’s southern bank on the confluence with the Amazon river. It’s at a distance of 516 nm from the Belem port and upriver from the Santarem city. The main items exported from the port are grain and wood. The port handles 45 vessels each year and many cruise ships dock here too.

Port Authority: Companhia Docas do Para – Autoridade Portuaria
Phone Number: 91 523-3693
Fax Number: 91 523-4693
Email id:


Located on the southern bank of the Trombetas River, the Trombetas port is more than 540nm from the Atlantic Ocean. It’s mainly a terminal for the export of bauxite. Approximately, 11,000,000t of bauxite is exported every year.  

Port Authority:  Administracao do Porto de Trombetas
Phone Number: 55 93 549 7029
Fax Number: 55 93 549 1482


Located in Gujara Bay that is approx 120km distance from the Atlantic, Belem port is located in Brazil that is only 5kms from the Miramar Oil terminal. This makes it strategically important. The approximate berthage available is 1,337m and the port handles cargo of a wide range including fuel products. The sea port has extensive arrangements for ship repair too. Timber, fish, shrimp, wheat and cement are some of the main items handled here.

Port Authority: Companhia Docas do Para – Autoridade Portuaria
Phone: 91 3216-2129
Fax: 91 3216-2130
Email id:


The Fortaleza port lies midway between Recife and Belem in the Mucuripe Bay on Brazil’s northern coast. With a single dry cargo wharf of length 1,116m, the port handles cargo of a wide range including cotton, cement & rice, imports, and exports of fruits, textiles, cement, machinery, leather, and more. The port has two ore and bulk cargo terminals, a terminal for tankers & a liquefied gas terminal.

Port Authority: Companhia Docas do Ceara – CDC
Phone Number: 085 266-5300
Fax Number: 085 266-5211
Email id:


Located in the state of Ceara, the Pecem port is on Brazil’s north-eastern coast. Protected by an “L” shaped breakwater, Pecem is a deep water port with 2 piers. It can be reached by a 2,120m long causeway bridge from the mainland. Handling general cargo and containers, the main goods transported are fruits, shrimps, and cashew nuts. Petrobras operates the LNG pier in the port.

Port Authority: Companhia de Integracao Portuaria do Ceara – CEARAPORTOS
Phone Number: 85 3315-1977
Fax Number: 85 3315-1974
Email id:


Situated on the Portengi river’s right bank, Natal is at a distance of 3 km from the estuary’s beginning. The exports from the port consist of sisal fiber, agricultural produce and kaolin. Offshore drilling platforms for petroleum are also served from the port. Approximately, 5,323,400t of cargo is handled annually. Breakbulk, liquid, and dry bulk facilities are available here.

Port Authority:   Companhia Docas do Rio Grande do Norte – CODERN
Phone Number: 84 4005 5311
Email id:


Located around 200kms north of Recife, Cabedelo port is on the Paraiba River estuary’s eastern bank. It’s a small port meant for general cargo with just a single dock to handle cargo. Minor repairs of vessels are carried out here. The port handles approximately 854,000t of cargo every year. The largest vessel handled here was LOA 200m.

Local Port Name: Porto de Cabedelo
Phone Number: 83 228-2805
Email id:


The Recife port is in Brazil’s northeast on the estuary of the rivers Capibaribe and Beberibe. An extensive sandstone reef protects the port and a protecting rampart has been built on it. 3,062m is the total length of the docks. Of this, 1,422m have been earmarked for foreign vessels. Around 400 vessels visit the port annually.

Phone Number: 81 3419.1900
Fax Number: 81 3224.2848
Email id:


The Aracaju port is located 200kms north of the port of Salvador, a major port. It’s on the estuary of the Sergipe River. It’s a small port meant for general cargo and grains. The port shares many of its facilities with Carmopolis, an oil port. The port handles around 45 vessels every year. Basically, the port acts as a backup for Carmopolis.

Port Authority: Administracao do Porto de Aracaju
Phone Number: 55 79 224 6148
Fax Number: 55 79 224 7591


Salvador is a port in the north of Brazil located on the Todos os Santos Bay’s entrance’s eastern part. The port has 12 berths meant for general cargo. There’s one specializing in containers while one is meant for Ro-Ro. The port is important as it provides clearance and pilotage services for the Aratu port, Petrobras oil terminal of Madre de Deus, and the Usiba iron ore terminal through separate entries.

Port Authority:   Companhia das Docas do Estado da Bahia (CODEBA)
Phone Number: 71 320-1299
Fax Number: 71 320-1268
Email id:


The Vitoria Port is located on the Santa Marta River’s shores on both sides of the Vitoria Bay occupying parts of the Vitoria city and the Vila Velha district of Espirito Santa Bay. While the entrance to this port is restricted, it’s still safe. The exports from the port are coffee, containers, granite, steel products, sugar, and wood pulp. The imports are vehicle parts, malt, and general breakbulk.

Local Port Name: Porto de Vitoria
Phone Number: 55 27 3132 7314
Fax Number: 55 27 3132 7313
Email id:

Rio de Janeiro

This major port is on the southern and western parts of Guanabara Bay. It spans the Ilhe de Cobras naval base, the commercial port, and the bay’s several oil terminals. The port has private terminals that specialize in containers, steel products, bulk cargo, paper, and sugar. Around 1,885 vessels are handled here annually. A few dockside facilities are being redeveloped to handle the rising cruise ship visits.

Port Authority:   Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ)
Phone Number: 2219-9542
Email id:

Sao Sebastiao

This port is on the northern coast of the Sao Paulo state in the Sao Sebastiao Channel. The commercial quay here is used for dry cargo, general, and Ro-Ro. The maritime petroleum terminal is owned and administered by Petrobras. The port is also used for ferry crossing between Sao Sebastiao Island and the mainland. The port handles approximately 45,000,000t of cargo annually.

Port Authority:   DERSA – Desenvolvimento Rodoviario S.A.
Phone Number: 12 3892-1899
Fax Number: 12 3892-1899

Sao Francisco do Sul

This is another port based in between Babitonga Bay and Sao Francisco do Sul Island, here majority of the shipping container import and export Ro-Ro vessels, vegetable oil tankers etc. The major imports at the port are soya oil, reels, wheat, PVC, petroleum products, and wheat. The major exports are engine parts, soya oil, frozen chicken, tobacco, etc.

Port Authority:   Administracao do Porto de Sao Francisco do Sul
Phone Number: 55 47 471 1200
Fax Number: 55 47 471 1211
Email id:

List of Seaports in Brazil

Sl. No.Company Name & DetailWebsite

Address: Rua Marques de Santa Cruz, no25 – Centro
Manaus, AM 69005 050

Address: Endereco Rodovia Cuiaba-Santarem, s/n, bairro – Sale
Santarem, Para CEP: 68040-400

Address: Mineracao Rio do Norte
Porto Trombetas
Municipio de Oriximina, PA 68275-000


Address: Endereco Av. Marechal Hermes s/n
Cais do Porto
Belem, Para CEP 66010-000

Address: Marfisa Maria de Aguiar Ferreira Ximenes
Praca Amigos da Marinha S/n – Mucuripe
Fortaleza, CE 60182 640

Address: Esplanada do Pecem, s/n – Distrito do Pecem
Sao Goncalo do Amarante, Ceara 62.674 – 000

Address: Av. Eng Hildebrando de Gois, 220 – Ribeira
Natal, RN

Address: Rua Presidente Joao Pessoa, s/n – Centro
Cabedelo, PB 58310-000

Address: Praça Comunidade Luso Brasileira no 70
Bairro do Recife
Recife, PE 50030-280

Address: Tr Baltazar Goes 86
Edif Cidade de Sergipe 8 Andar
Aracaju, SE 49009-900

Address: Av. da Franca, 155 I, Comercio
Salvador, Bahia CEP 40.010-000

Address: Av. Getulio Vargas, 556
Vitoria, ES CEP 29.020-030
13Rio de Janeiro

Address: Avenida Rodrigues Alves, n 20
Praca Maua
Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP 20081-250
14Sao Sebastiao

Address: Av. Dr. Altino Arantes, 410 – Centro
Sao Sebastiao, Sao Paulo 11600-000
15Sao Francisco do Sul

Address: Av Eng Leite Ribeiro 782
Bairro Centro
Sao Francisco do Sul, SC 89240-000

Final Words

Our list of major sea ports of Brazil covered almost all ports. It gives you a comprehensive insight into how the port sector in Brazil is poised for major growth. The article is informative and cites figures to show the boom that beckons Brazil’s port sector. We have then included the leading ports of Brazil sharing vital information about them. The article is a handy read for those looking to know about the ports in Brazil and how the port sector there is doing and poised to do.

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