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The updated Portever Shipping Ltd online tracking system provides an option to find the status of shipment using bill of landing number, When you are involved in a business you always look forward to expanding it. That is what business is all about. The basis for the expansion of your or any such business is a good export and import facility. The more you can export your goods top overseas clients the more your business will grow. These services of exporting and importing goods are provided by logistics services all around the world. And you should avail the best logistics and shipping services around – the Portever Shipping Ltd.

portever shipping ltd

Portever Shipping Tracking

We have provided the track and trace option for Portever Shipping ltd container in order to find the status of shipment.

Customers need to enter the Bill number or Job number and hit ‘Search’ button, and it will display the status of cargo or bill of lading status on same page as shown below:

portever tracking online

One of the best things that are making its way to shipping services is the possibility of tracking your cargo. Tracking the cargo helps to gain knowledge on the position of the cargo in the process of the logistics. So when you can track the, you can easily form an idea on how many days it may actually take for the cargo to arrive at the shore. You can track your cargo in Portever Shipping Ltd by clicking here. Provide the Bill No. and other details and you are good to go.

Customers can also request to the Portever’s support team to provide latest status of the shipment by dialing on below helpline number:

  • 0852-395-68580
  • 0766-258-99687

Portever Shipping Limited is the best shipping service in China and all around the world with it headquarters located in Shanghai, China. It also has its offices in Ningbo, China. You can avail all kinds of shipping services from Portever. Most of the services that it provides includes::

Container Services

Portever provides all kinds of container services to its clients that include different types of TEUs, cargo for large and small goods, liquid cargos and so many more. The port area is vast and it gives Portever the opportunity to store a large number of cargos on the port. With its variety of service, Portever is the most sought after shipping services in China.

Advanced technology

Portever Shipping Ltd is equipped with advanced technologies that allow it to provide the best services to their clients. Advanced technologies make it easy for the clients to make shipping a probable procedure that does not need any trouble to handle. The make it easier for you to book your cargo and make the delivery as swiftly as possible.

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  1. Zdzislaw Chomeniuk

    Dear Sirs,

    Would you please explain, why the “Portever Shipping Tracking” does not show the status of our shipment from China to Europe despite using correct Bill of Lading number ? According to the original B/L in paper form dully signed and stamped by your company captioned cargo was “Shipped on Board” on M/V MSC Leanne voyage No. FS737W on September, 26th, 2017 ? Today is October, 3rd and there is no information whatsoever in your computer system.

    Please reply by return,

    Kond regards,

  2. status required of BL GXDXB18012752

  3. To who may concern,
    Please kindly let me know the status required of BL GXDXB18012722.
    Thank you so much!

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    Status required of BL: SGLB18020279


    hi track my packege

  6. Hi I wondering when my package arrived in San Francisco?

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    Good day,
    Kindly advise ETA for BL #HKPESOH1808808, and kindly provide the SOHAR [OMAN MUSCAT] agent details

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  10. I want ask about my shipment
    Bl no GXCLB19044485


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    We want to know the status ?

  14. portever shipping?its hard to track the shipment..what is this?

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    I would like to know the status of bl QDLS19090354

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