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Find out the Port Qasim container live status using tracking system which is available online. Find the status of QICT terminal and shipment status. It is also known as Port Muhammad Bin Qasim located in Karachi, Pakistan. It occupies a total area of 49m2. This port houses many important industrial zones of Pakistan. The important industries that are present at Port Qasim include Pakistan Steel Mills and KESC Bin Qasim Power Plant. Moreover, around 80% of Pakistan’s automotive industry is situated only the at Port Qasim. This port helps to generate approximately 60% of the country’s export and import businesses. It is hence known as Pakistan’s gateway to the world.

Port Qasim Container

Container Tracking at Port Qasim

One of the best services that the port offers to its client is the liberty to track the Port Qasim container mid shipment. Customers can follow below page to find the needed information to track your cargo easily. Additionally the company also provided SMS based container tracking.

Services List


The container terminal is equipped with advanced technologies and services that provides uplifting and carriage for materials. With its lift and cranes, it helps in containerization of materials. These equipments are use to lift goods and cargo from ships to shore and vice versa.  There are few other companies like pict container offering import and export services via sheep.

Yard Equipments

The terminal is also loaded with other services like rubber type gantry crane, reach stacker, empty handler, fork lifter and cherry picker.

Utilities and features offered by the terminal

There are a number of utilities that this terminal offers. The facilities come with efficient operational functionalities and they cater to the demand of the client with utmost proficiency. Some of the features that Port Qasim offers are:

  • They provide container tracking
  • They have interactive voice response system
  • An operative berthing schedule
  • Advanced web access
  • They do EDI upload
  • They allow booking EDI upload
  • Provides you with container history option
  • They calculate invoice amount
  • They also provide shipping line reports (shipping line reports on real time status, can be retrieved through web access).

Tariff services

The tariff services at Port Qasim vary with the cargo type you have availed. You can click here and get the details of their tariff plan, so that you can make your logistic decision based on it.


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