Messina Line Tracking using Booking or Container Number

Messina Line is the maritime division of Ignacio and C, one of the most historical shipping lines of Italy. It has a total fleet of 41,000 TEU containers. It was founded in 1921 as a small shipping line known as Giuseppe Messina Tabuso, which dealt only with transport of perishable or fragile commodities. Today, the fleet includes ConRO vessels, roll-on/off cargo under deck.

Messina line

Messina Line began its ship ownership activity in the little harbour of Riposto, Catania in Sicily. Presently, it helps in the transportation of goods across 50 ports, while its network is distributed in about 40 nation’s. The firm is equipped with a fleet of 17 ships, 100 crew members and an efficient ground logistic system. This firm serves about 100 inland destinations in Africa, Middle East, India and Europe. It is headquartered in Genoa.

Over the years it has achieved massive experience in developing avant-garde solutions for stowing speed cargo. In 1935, it’s network expanded over the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia. Soon the firm began to trade in profitable goods like sugar, wheat, petroleum and concrete. It started advent towards fleet improvement in 1968. The traditional merchant vessels were replaced with 20 ro/ro ships. In 1977, Ignazio Messina started performing as a terminal operator, from the harbour of La Spezia. He built a private terminal in the harbour of La Spezia. It was in 1996 that the headquarters shifted to Genoa.

All the containers are certified by organisations like ACEP and CSC. About 1000 people are hired by the firm for serving its various segments.

Services offered

1. Intra Mediterranean
2. Europe to East
3. South and West Africa
4. Middle East

Container types

1. 20,40 inch box high cube
2. 20’ ventilated
3. 20’ flatrack
4. 20’ platform
5. 40’ platform
6. 40’ pallet wide

How to Track your Messina Line Container 

Clients need to enter the unique number called container number or bill of landing or booking number below and click on Search. Using below tool, one can track and trace the Messina Line using multiple-tracking option. This will show the current status of the container.

1. Containers are ACEP or CSC certified.
2. Avant garden solution for transporting cargo.

Head Quarter Address:
16121 GENOVA

Messina Line Customer Support:

Messina Line Container Ships List

Ship NumberShip NameYear BuiltTEUDWTLength
9668984JOLLY PALLADIO20153,01644,574240
9668960MSC COBALTO20153,01644,574240
9668972JOLLY VANADIO20153,01646,705240
9547219MSC TITANIO20143,01646,705239
9294513AS PALATIA20062,60234,496210
9578969JOLLY PERLA20122,23845,200240
9578983JOLLY QUARZO20132,23846,704240
9578971JOLLY CRISTALLO20122,23846,574240
9578957JOLLY DIAMANTE20112,23846,635240
9292125KONRAD SCHULTE20051,74023679175
9435674LOUISA SCHULTE20081,74023,252175.51
9246542PACIFIC GENEVA200486811,424134.44
9328651X-PRESS VESUVIO20057078,500133.6

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